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Submission + - Materials from Tough-as-Nails Crustacean Could Inspire Better Body Armor (

carmendrahl writes: "The peacock mantis shrimp, a crustacean which is neither a mantis nor a shrimp, has hammer-like clubs for smashing the shells of its prey, so strong that regular glass aquariums can’t hold them. But what’s interested researchers for some time is how the clubs stand up to all that stress. Now, a team’s figured out why- the mantis shrimp club's molecular structure is set up to resist fractures. That discovery could lead to stronger and lighter car frames or body armor."

Submission + - MH-2 is the Wearable Telepresence Humanoid Robot You've Always Wanted (

Zothecula writes: The MH-2 is a telepresence robot like no other we have ever seen. This tiny humanoid figure is always there for you, perching on your shoulder, ready to be remotely inhabited by your friends. Conceived by the researchers at Yamagata University in Japan, MH-2 is designed to imitate human behavior accurately enough for you to feel like your friend is actually there with you.

Submission + - "Artificial Leaf" Produces Electricity (

NervousWreck writes: Daniel Nocera of MIT has developed a new kind of solar cell. [] The cell, approximately the size of a playing card, sits in a pool of water and breaks the water down into Hydrogen and Oxygen which it stores in fuel cells. Nocera has already signed a contract with the Tata group to manufacture the "leaf."

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 409

The saying is great advice. The problem is that people think it applies to improvements. In terms of cost vs. benefit there is no reason to go through the hassle of fixing/replacing something if what you fixed is will give you the same crappy benefits for the same obscene cost as before you started. Actually improving something whether in terms of efficiency or features is another story.

Submission + - Mobile Data in Canada for a US Citizen?

macwhizkid writes: I'm traveling to Canada for a week in July with youth group, and need a way to post blog updates on the trip and send back photos. I'll be staying on an island accessible only by boat, so a hard-wired connection is out of the question. I have a Verizon voice + data plan, and I've heard all the horror stories of multi-thousand dollar international data roaming charges. What I'd like to do is get 1-2 GB of data (5 GB would be great) to use on a Canadian provider's network for a reasonable fee (say, less than $100 total) as a wireless hotspot set-up. I have both a CDMA iPhone and a GSM iPad, so I really just need a micro-SIM or a way to register the IMIE. It appears that both Rogers and Bell offer "pay as you go" data plans (Rogers has a particularly attractive iPad option), but there are conflicting reports as to whether a US credit card can be used to buy service. I can't believe I'm the first US citizen to want mobile data in Canada. So, has anyone done this successfully? Is there another option I'm not considering?

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