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Comment Sticky Foam... (Score 0) 1144 a technical solution to mass killings that take place inside of buildings: and

What every target would need is a sprinkler system that was capable of distributing Sticky Foam.

When the alarm is initiated, the building fills with sticky foam and EVERYONE is incapacitated. Just make sure you are not in front of the gunman when you are incapacitated.

You could possibly figure out a way to retrofit it with existing sprinkler systems.

Comment Kudos for starting with zero! (Score 0) 295

Counting should be consistent with the number line. The number line starts at zero: Why confuse the kids by starting at 1 in Kindergarten? Only to have to teach them zero the next year when you start showing them number lines? I'm teaching my daughter to always start with zero.

Comment I'm not sure I understand the premise (Score 0) 177

It would be one thing if a tablet was capable of replacing a child's textbooks, but they aren't, so what's the point? It's not a magic device, it requires this thing called software. The tablet in and of itself is better suited for wasting time on the interwebs and playing 'touch' games. These ijits bought fragile paper weights... Stupid sexy tablets!

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