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Submission + - World's Oldest Calendar Uncovered in a Scottish Field (

Zothecula writes: While we take calendars for granted these days, the invention of systems that track time stands as one of humanity's most monumental achievements ... in more ways than one. Long before written calendars emerged, monuments were used to measure time. Now a crude but working "calendar" discovered in Warren Field, Scotland, suggests that these time measuring monuments may have been developed much earlier than previously thought. Archaeologists believe the Warren Field calendar was created by hunter gatherers around 8,000 BC, making it the world's oldest calendar discovered to date by a significant margin.

Submission + - Now You Can Control Your Laptop with Your Eyes (

SkinnyGuy writes: Tobii Gaze control dispenses with the mouse and puts your orbitz in control. Now it's embedded in a laptop. Here's the story of what it's liek to use one of the World's first consumer-level eye-control computers.

Submission + - Full moon may effect sleep after all 1

bmearns writes: NPR is reporting that new statistical research by Swiss scientist Christian Cajochen suggests that the full moon may actually have an impact on human sleep, both in terms of duration and quality. "We found that people who entered the lab during a full moon slept, on average, 20 minutes less than people who came in during the new moon phase," says Cajochen. The results were statistically significant, but Cajochen admits that he is still skeptical of the conclusion.

Submission + - The North Pole turns into a lake (

alabandit writes: The North Pole may conjure up images of impressive ice sheets and freezing winds, but scenes from a webcam there reveal a different story.
Two weeks of warm weather in the high Arctic have caused an aquamarine lake to begin forming since July 13, according to the North Pole Environmental Observatory’s camera.
The National Snow and Ice Data Centre has reported that temperatures in early July were one to three degrees Celsius higher than the year’s average over most of the Arctic Ocean.

Comment Re:Femtocells insecure? (Score 1) 56

Crappy consumer devices running an embedded OS easy to hack? You don't say! These things are a gold mine. They contain all the certificates and authority to act as a "tower" and are as hackable and available as any consumer device

No phone or smartphone is designed around the idea that the cell network can be "hostile" so they trust these things implicitly. Time to build a backpack rouge cell and go wandering around where "interesting" people hang out.

I'm sure the "interesting" people will have a healthy glow when you're through with them.

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