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Comment Re:Funny Stuff (Score 1) 631

In places like southern Spain, the world just stops between 3 and 5. Shops are closed, streets become deserted, everyone is napping. I'm using this example as it's from my own experience, but it's somewhat commonplace in very hot countries, as the temperature becomes somewhat unbearable around 3 in the afternoon, so it's a way to cope.This way you actually improve productivity, since people can then work another while after the nap. And i'm sure the game could have.changed a little with the proliferation of A/C, but it's a lot less common then in the u.s., and or not available in some poorer countries (not available easily, or not viable with electricity costs, etc..)

Comment Re:please stop calling it "glowing" (Score 1) 107

I didn't RTFA, but I assume this is just a GFP hybridization. Basically you attach a gene that makes a green fluorescent protein to another gene, so that the protein product has a little extra bit that sticks out and produces green light when uv is shined on it. this enables, for example, to see where a particular protein trends to concentrate. It's a technique that had been used successfully in many organisms without any obvious effects.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 2) 80

I've also worked with c.elegans before, and it gets better. You can freeze them in liquid for indefinate amounts of time, and unthaw them and they work great. You can also dessicate them completely, keep them around, again for indefinate amounts of time, then sprinkle some water on them, and they resume crawling and laying eggs. Having murdered about half a million of them in bleach, I'm going to hell. P.s. the bleach resistant part the parent mentioned are eggs. To extract them, you just collect worms, wash them in bleach so they melt away, leaving only eggs (including unlayed ones) .

Comment Re:Agreed... but there's more. (Score 1) 510

The big thing though is that the vast majority of people aren't psycho killers. It's much harder to kill someone with an axe or a knife ( have to chase them around, you might not kill them immediately, they can see you coming, etc...), so odds are you'll change your mind somewhat in the course of your murder. Grabbing your gun and shooting is quick, and deadly. That's what causes the most manslaughters.

Comment Re:Games Are Not Art (But Contain Art) (Score 1) 278

I examined Ebert's comments back when he made them and thought about them after the initial knee-jerk reaction of "YES THEY ARE!!!!" and, sadly, also agreed.

My reasoning is that video games *contain* art. but can't be considered art as a *whole*.

Think about it. A museum *contains* art. However museums themselves, as a whole, are *not* art. Walking through a museum isn't a piece of art, although there are quite a few pieces of art within it. The art within the museum, however, can be removed from the museum and *still* contain as much of that quality deemed as artistic as they did within the museums. Video games, then, are containers of various bits of art. Be they the graphics, the storylines, the music or what have you are each *individually* easily labeled as art, however the video game as a *whole* was not something I could consider to be art.

Of course, this is just based on the dozens/hundredish games that I've personally played. Perhaps, out there is a game where the very control scheme, the experience as a whole, not the story, not the designs, not the music, but a combination of them all in tandem with the gameplay mechanics/control scheme/what have you combine in such a way that there's some form of gestalt, delivering a final experience with resonates with my very soul, but I don't see that happening with anything I've played as is.

Yes, some stories are amazing and touch the soul, but that's merely the story. Yes, some of the graphics are evocative of something ephemeral, but that's just the graphics. Yes, some music is truly awe inspiring and shakes the foundations of my being, but that's just the music. The story or the graphics or the music or even the combination of the three does *not* constitute an actual game. Those things could be separated from the game itself and still hold the same power as they did within the game, perhaps even becoming *stronger* without the necessity of gameplay interrupting the story. Games involve gameplay, anything else is just a movie. And I have not ever seen a game where everything, *together*, combined into something that reflected the human spirit.

Sorry friends. Games are not art. Games *contain* art, and some are quite amazing. However games as a whole are not art. least not yet.

You should play "Flower". It's pretty much a "everything comes together" experience.


Submission + - Reactive Oxygen Species may not be cause of aging. (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at McGill University in Montreal have uncovered strong new evidence that that wildy-accepted mitochondrial free radical theory of aging (MFRTA) is wrong. MFRTA suggests that free radicals cause oxidative damage, which in turn leads to the aging process. This new evidence shows that high levels of Reactive Oxidative species are rather a biological signal used to combat aging then the process itself. This goes against claims of major health benefits from consuming foods and particularly supplements that contain antioxidants. The scientific journal article can be found here :

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