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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 486

Ok, My fault for not explaining more completely. My company came to LA after Katrina, by a request from the state of LA. Next, an insurance company is still a company, and we're not in the buisness of giving free money out. Every claim is given full and complete review, and is paid out based on acutal damage. I hope they get every penny they are eligible for as well, but at the same time, LA residents are notorious for under insuring their homes. I have seen homes insured for 55k, that would cost 350k or more to replace. This is more common than not, based on my experiance. If you fail to accurately insure your home, who's fault is it that you only get 55k when your expenses are 300k more? Should we give you the money to rebuild your home, when you haven't to cover its replacement cost? And if you think LA is messed up for insurance, try FL. We've been getting hosed on it for so long a 2k per year premium is normal. (approx 150k w/ hurricane to give you some perspective.)

Comment Re:What? (Score 2, Interesting) 486

If that is true, the LA is abusing the right. I work for an insurance company who writes in LA. There are people there who think that a storm comes, they get $300. Doesn't matter what for. Its not a matter of having the money to get out, they have a mentality that people owe them something. 3 of every 10 homes have damage that has not been repaired from Katrina. The stories I have from LA are limitless. People wanting get paid back for staying in 5 star hotels for almost a month even though they were only evacuated for 2 days. (a more recent hurricane).

Comment Re:Jurassic Park redux (Score 2, Interesting) 536

So the real question is if Neanderthals were approchable? I don't think that this would be the issue. If our two species were in a war like state, we may capture females and proceed to mate. Any chance to procreate maybe needed to increase the chance of survival of the species, even with less than desireable mates. To some extent, there also may have been some trading for food or protection. The reason for mating could be any number of things. Its not like walking up to a bear and saying, "your fur is lovely, can I buy you a fish?" Humans will try to boink anything, just some will get the hell beat out of them, some will get a story to tell the grandkids, and the others will wind up as a hot steaming pile of bear shit.

Submission + - Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Review (desktoplinuxreviews.com)

JimLynch writes: Since the launch of Desktop Linux Reviews, I've covered a number of different remastered versions of Ubuntu Linux. But I haven't done a review of Ubuntu itself. I wanted to wait until there was a significant enough release as I'd done a review for ExtremeTech back when I was a full-time employee there.

I'm happy to note that Ubuntu Linux has hit version 9.10 and has some nifty new features that make it worth reviewing here.

Comment Re:personally (Score 2, Interesting) 1721

If I had mod points, sir, You would get them. Bravo for calling both parties out on their bullshit without sounding like a biased moron. The entire system is set up as an 'us' vs 'them' mentality, that blinds us to the fact that both parties are only looking out for the intrests of their team, not the interests of America. Until Americans can break free of this mentality, our leaders will continue to disapoint.

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