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Comment Re:Windows Phone 7 is great (Score 0) 319

I work programming games for both, btw.

sure native apps on iPhone have the same age of *Android OS*, but not the same age of Android Native Apps.
And lets face it, you cant make good games in Java..and you end up with tons of crapware that bloat Apple's AppStore and inflate the numbers.
Now can we analyse it seriously and only look for good games. We will end up with more games at apple store, since not only its native apps have been out longer, but also becouse people tend to see AppStore as a more "selling" channel.

For example: Here in Brazil, you cant sell apps on the Android Marketplace, but this is enterily a political issue. (for the same reason, the AppStore in Brazil doesnt have the "Games" category, but only the "Entertainment" category. You can sell games without explicit Ministery of Justice classification - think of it as a more stupid ESRB rating)

In the end, its the same. Both you have to use goofy languages coating your C++ (ObjC and Java), both have great users experience (IMHO, I prefer Android) and nice development envirotments (but again IMHO Eclipse beats XCode badly - And Im a Netbeans fan!). Now compare this with Maemo (I've been a Maemo programmer since the first SDK release) and others. Their development enviroments completely scare less resilient programmers.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 0) 157

Exactly. The said backward compatiblity is a trap. Its not worth carrying all the burden.
Try running a DOS game in Windows and you will see this in action. Sure you can boot DOS 6.22 and run it, but I doubt you will get sound and other nifty stuff. So , to get sound you go for emulation that happens to run on ARM machines as well. End of case.NEXT!

Comment Re:Settlement is probably inevitable... (Score 0) 374

"The GPL doesn't require the source to be included, just that it be available in the same place"

In Jon Rubinstein's drawer, of course! All you have to do is go there and ask for a photocopy!

This has happened before, as with Motorola and their (rather excelent) Linux phones. Community pressed and Moto released most of the sources. I still dont know if is there anything missing, but most of the stuff seems to be there.

Comment Re:Only removed from default install (Score 0) 900

Sure, even being a everyday GIMP user , when I want to burn some Ubuntu to a thumbdrive , I dont want it to weight more becouse of GIMP. I dont use it in this context and dont want it getting in the way.

The logic is simple: What do you prefer - A good operating system blunded with a nice graphics package or a great operating system with the option of easily installing a nice graphics package?
I wonder why they didnt do it long time ago.

Comment Re:Where does this leave GIMP? (Score 0) 900

Maybe for the quasi-power-user?
I work with GIMP on OSX, in a game company and for simple stuff (things that are not made by the proper artists, with Photoshop and -surprise- Inkscape) we all use GIMP. Not only that, but mom loves GIMP in her XP (she used to paint in oil and does some cool stuff with GIMP). Knowing her like I do, I belive she would be too overwhelmed by PSP. My ex-brother-in-law offered it for her and she declined (also becouse I objected for her installing pirated software).

I also like to use it on my personal games, made in my spare time in Ubuntu.

And thats what I belive is a good niche to GIMP: being a consistent editor on diferent plataforms. Im still learning OSX ways , but GIMP runs on X11 and keeps most of the shortcuts from the other versions and to me, thats a plus.

Comment Re:Read, and comprehend, before spouting quotes. (Score 0) 271

You all totally missed my point.
Its not the result, its the means. Of course the result is amazing becouse the guy knew what he was doing and knew how to draw pretty graphics (again the idea of "less is more", becouse he knew how to use every vector in it), but much more amazing is the "joystick" to draw this.

To be fair, I've seen this video a few months ago, but seen it here again got me thinking about how clumsy is to make 3D models today when compared to all that input hardware they had in the 80's. I sincerely belive they had better tools. Gosh, Im still looking for a cheap trackball!

TFA shows you all it was done, so you should read that the "making of it was 'amazing even by todays standards'". Ok?

Graphics-wise, I've done that myself in Java Mobile, with no special APIs but pure canvas. OTOH, just stating that this CANT be inovative is plain wrong ("factually wrong" if you prefer this way). Indeed , art lies in the richness of communication from simple means. If you're able to communicate with just vectors, thats much more impressive that communicating the same thing with full-blown photorealistic graphics.

Dont be so arrogant, please. Tetsujin actually had a point.

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