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Comment Whaaaaaa??? (Score 1) 310

"at least one of the companies plans to say that consumers who repair their own phones could cause lithium batteries to catch fire." Yeah okay... explain Samsung's problem's in brand new phones then? What about changing the batteries in my smoke alarm? It happened a few years ago to me... put in a brand new 9 volt alkaline ... about 3 hours later I needed a new smoke alarm because it was smoldering. Any battery can go into thermal run away and vent. Lithium's just do it with spectacular fashion usually.

Submission + - Drive Trust Alliance introduces free software protection for a 0-Day Ransomware (

NeoStrider writes: Millions of people a day use drives built based on the Trusted Computing Group's specification for OPAL Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) and don’t know it. The increasing popularity of solid state drives for Windows laptops, desktops, and servers carries a hidden threat if the drive is a Self-Encrypting Drive that has not been properly configured to prevent ransomware attacks and other denial of service attacks.

If you are hit by one of these attacks, your only options are to set the drive back to factory state and permanently lose all the data on it, or to pay the ransom to have the attacker get your data back.

SED Protect is a lightweight Windows 7+ software application that detects if you have a vulnerable configuration, and quickly lets you set up a control password that immunizes the drive against these zero-day ransomware and other denial of service attacks.

SED Protect does not lock your drive, but prevents an attacker from locking you out. The download may be found at the Drive Trust Alliance web site You also have the option of fully managing the locking feature of these drives using Drive Trust software provided with a full functionality USB drive kit and another option to obtain cloud management of self-encrypting drives from Drive Trust Alliance partners.

While an improperly configured SED is susceptible to ransomware attacks, the Drive Trust Alliance software can provide laptops, desktops, and servers with very high assurance that greatly exceeds the assurance levels of off the shelf solutions by putting all assurance computations out of reach of any operating system code running on the computer.

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