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Submission + - Top 5 OS X Style Dock Replacements for Linux

Dan the man writes: "Why lie about it? Linux right out of the box is lacking style. Even with the new Ubuntu and RedHat packages, people look at Linux as a Legacy Operating system because it 's style looks like something that Al gore would have used 20 years ago. Here you will find my reviews and videos of the top 5 OS X Style Dock Replacements for Linux. Check out the top 5 list here: 5-os-x-style-dock-replacements-for-linux/"

Submission + - Freenode and OFTC discuss merger

Random A Kirchless writes: is running an article with quotes from the respective heads of both networks suggesting that the recent OFTC and Freenode cooperation may ultimately lead to a merger, if not at the very least spanking spammers faster. From the article, "[David] Graham says 'there is no specific roadmap for further integration,' but 'both sides want it.' ... Ultimately, the two networks may not officially merge, but Graham says that the cooperation will be beneficial either way. 'There is an increasingly strong belief within both projects and in feedback that we have received that it is ultimately in the best interest of the open source and free software communities for our two projects, whose goals are shared, to work together instead of competing.'"

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