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Operating Systems

Submission + - Why Microsoft Should Acquire Linux

slasshy writes: "CoolTechZone.com author Gundeep Hora ponders the thought of Microsoft acquiring Linux to further its development. Is it a good scenario? From the article: "A lot of Linux enthusiasts claim that Microsoft sabotages Linux and the open source software movement for pure revenue, but let's think about it. If Microsoft acquires the aforementioned distributions and in essence, controls much of the Linux market, Microsoft wouldn't need to sabotage such a rapidly growing market. After all, if Microsoft controls the direction, it wouldn't be threatened anymore."
Operating Systems

Submission + - SA turns back on Microsoft

jacobez writes: "South Africa plans to switch all government departments over to open source computer software instead of using Microsoft systems, a cabinet spokesperson said on Thursday. Themba Maseko told reporters the cabinet would use the open source Linux operating system in a bid to lower administration costs and enhance local IT skills. "

http://www.news24.com/News24/Technology/News/0,929 4,2-13-1443_2073631,00.html
Linux Business

Submission + - Which Embedded Linux Distribution?

Abhikhurana writes: I work for a company which designs a variety of video surveillance devices (such as MPEG4 video servers). Traditionally, these products have been based on proprietory OSs such as Nucleus and VxWorks. Now we are redesigning a few of our products and I am trying to convince my company to go down the Linux route. Understandably, our management is quite sceptical about that and so I was asked by our CTO to recommend a few RTOSs which have mature Networking stacks and which work well on ARM platform. I know that there are many embedded linux based distributions out there. There are commerical ones such as Montavista, LynuxWorks, free ones such as uclinux, muLinux and some Linux like distros such as Ecos, but which is the most stable and best community supported embedded Linux distribution out there?

Submission + - Debian Founder visits MicroSoft to Talk Shop

wellingj writes: As reported on ZDNet, Debian founder and chief technology officer of the Linux Foundation, Ian Murdock will be giving a 'Power Lunch' presentation at MicroSoft. On the table for discussion is the origins of Debian and it's community development model. The talk is being put on by Bill Hilf, former director of the Linux Lab at Microsoft. Microsoft Employee Rocky Heckman's blog might bring an cynical insider look of the talk. Stay tuned.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Cutting through the hype on Second Life's economy

RogueyWon writes: "The Register, which often takes a sceptical view of Second Life, has an article up that claims to cut through much of the hype surrounding the online world's economy. From the article:

"In other words, this economy has a population about the size of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, or Troutdale, Oregon. And each business has the prospect of a market of no more than 100 people in one place — a number easily accommodated by a church hall."
Unwarrented grumbling, or an valid rejoinder to the latest online media darling?"
The Media

Submission + - Jobs and Gates to appear at the WSJ 'D' conference

Verunks writes: Apple chief executive Steve Jobs and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates have committed to a rare joint appearance at the fifth anniversary of the The Wall Street Journal's 'D: All Things Digital' conference later this year.
The two men, both seminal figures in the development of the personal computer, will jointly discuss the history and future of the digital revolution in an unrehearsed, unscripted, onstage conversation on May 30 with D co-producers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

Submission + - Why Microsoft always overrates itself?

M Alani writes: "Microsoft earlier this month have announced a new certification exam; "Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Hosted Environments, Configuring and Managing". Nancy Phillips, chief operating officer and co-founder, ViaWest and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, said "As a participant in the development stages of the Windows Server 2003 Hosted Environments, Configuring and Managing certification, we are confident this certification will not only strengthen ViaWest customer offerings but strengthen the hosting industry as a whole." I think this is way overrating this certification. This certification might improve Microsoft's stand in the hosting market, as I have mentioned earlier, but I do not believe that its will strengthen the hosting industry. It is nice to be enthusiastic about what you do, but it is nicer to be realistic. The full article here: http://www.certificationist.com/content/view/66/43 /"

Submission + - Ubuntu losing server credibility?

kripkenstein writes: "A seemingly minor change in Ubuntu Edgy — making /bin/sh point to dash instead of bash — has caused a lot of breakage. Ubuntu stand by their decision to use the faster dash, which complies with standards but not with existing practice. However, as can be seen by the numerous comments on the bug report, many opportunities for Ubuntu to be deployed in server settings appear to have been lost. For example, one comment states

I have already moved away from [Ubuntu], stopped deploying it on server systems. I am glad this [happened] before i started using it on production servers here at work.
Ubuntu is a popular desktop OS among Linux users, but is the decision to use dash costing it its credibility in the server arena?"

Submission + - AMD Athlon 64 6000+ Launched And Tested

Spinnerbait writes: AMD officially launched their next speed bump in the Athlon 64 product line, in the form of a new 3GHz part branded the Athlon 64 6000+. This new dual-core Athlon 64 sports 1MB of on-chip cache per core and is designed for AMD's Socket AM2 platform. This chip is still built on AMD's 90nm fab node and is comprised of some 227 million transistors. It also carries a thermal power profile of about 125Watts. Unfortunately, in all the benchmarks seen here, it was still unable to catch Intel's Core 2 Duo E6700 chip at 2.66GHz.

Submission + - AMD Releases 3GHz Athlon 64 X2 6000+

mikemuch writes: "AMD's new processor, released today, has a higher clock speed than the top Intel dual core and a lower thermal envelope than AMD's recent efforts, but it still trails Intel in game, application, and media encoding benchmarks, and it still uses only a 90nm manufacturing process. The good news is that at $459 (in bulk) it's a little bit cheaper than the closest Intel competitor, the Core 2 Duo E6700 CPU."

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