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Comment Re:Android is what you want (Score 4, Insightful) 222

To be a hint more accurate...

The reason Android can be relied upon to play nice, is that, as the only one of the platforms with open code access, you can write the app you need to get it to sync correctly with Evolution - or worst case, convert your Evolution files to what the Android's syncing functionality uses. Either of these solutions, which are not currently possible on a majority of other mass-market smartphones, should work to fit your needs - possibly with the hiring of a handy coder or two or paying someone to write it for the Evolution project.

The other nice part about Android is that there's a fair array of sets - great way for the boss to show off his boss-ness by getting a recent top-of-the-line while your group handles (surprisingly cheap for a smartphone!) sets from last year, WITHOUT losing compatibility with the key app you need.

I believe that Blackberries can also support custom apps, though if your business does FOSS for the sake of Freedom, as opposed to simply cost, the Android OS, being GNU GPL (even if the specific implementation in many phones isn't), may better suit your wishes anyhow.

Sharp Rise In Jailing of Online Journalists; Iran May Just Kill Them 233

bckspc writes "The Committee to Protect Journalists has published their annual census of journalists in prison. Of the 136 reporters in prison around the world on December 1, 'At least 68 bloggers, Web-based reporters, and online editors are imprisoned, constituting half of all journalists now in jail.' Print was next with 51 cases. Also, 'Freelancers now make up nearly 45 percent of all journalists jailed worldwide, a dramatic recent increase that reflects the evolution of the global news business.' China, Iran, Cuba, Eritrea, and Burma were the top 5 jailers of journalists." rmdstudio writes, too, with word that after the last few days' protest there, largely organized online, the government of Iran is considering the death penalty for bloggers and webmasters whose reports offend it.

Comment Re:Interesting split in developer perspectives. (Score 1) 94

Valve has, in the past, been less OK with selling items (except craftsworks - there's a reason they started offering the Headcrab plushies!), but they have been OK with unsold goods like comics.

Console devs are often OK with smiling at derivatives that are games... As long as they don't reuse assets (See fanmade Touhou games for a fair example of this, because I can't think of anything better atm)... Or they're not games that do (see: 8-bit Theater).

Weird, overall, regardless.

Submission + - UK Minister proselytising Open Source

An anonymous reader writes: George Osborne, British MP in the Treasury has opened a debate on the 'open sourcing' of politics on the Comment is Free website. Although I doubt parliament will take any notice.

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