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Comment All in all.. (Score 1) 1521

...thank you. Although I no longer use this account due to growing out of my weeabo phase, and barely getting around to recovering the password for it.

Thank you for introducing me to the concept of anonymous posting. It was an odd concept for me at the time when I was young and all I did was lurk. It taught me that the value of the message could transcend the poster and stand on its own merits.
And that many abuse anonymity to be dicks.

Also, OMGPonies.

Comment Re:Not a genius? He probably is. (Score 1) 648


Oh, trust me, they find a way. His quote about waiting two years set off a flag in my mind since 13 is the youngest that they'll consider someone for this program.
And how do I know? A good deal of my classes have at least one student from this program and I've been friends with a few since I started.

They do in fact have a good program to support the 'fitting in' part of the social aspects of the university culture, and luckily I've only meet the socially competent ones.
Now why am I not bothered by them? Because there's a plague known as the visual and performing arts.
The other ones are alright, but the ones belonging to dance and theater are HIGHLY disliked by the general school population.

Comment Re:Hibernation is glitchy (Score 1) 596

I've never had a problem with OSX's sleep function other than a late gen Powerbook G4 running 10.5 just running out of battery and having to restart since the battery was dead. But that's due to the battery being old, the lappy being a bedside computer, and me being too lazy to replace the battery.

But on my MacBook Pro that I drag everywhere, I've never had a problem with the sleep function.
Hell, the only times I EVER restart that one is due to the games I've bought off Steam.

Comment Re:Honest Question (Score 1) 236

First, because I read much faster than I watch an episode.

Second, manga/mahnwa uses the art itself to tell the story unlike its DC/Marvel counterparts that use WALL OF TEXT to describe the scene.

Third, name a genre, any genre. There's a manga for it. It's nice to sometimes read about the daily adventures of a cat instead of reading a retconned version of a story.

Comment Re:Oh, that's okay, I'm a Touhou fan. (Score 1) 71

I only mentioned Touhou as an example of a fandom that has thrived around fan created content and how I like that ZUN's line about Gensokyo being whatever you want it to be, pretty much was a way to stop arguments about what is 'true'.

Now, IP being controlled by their owners is nothing new and the rights-holder, usually the creator, can do whatever they want with it.
Most of the problems though rise from lack of attention to detail.
To use an old example, why don't we shove a person in a room filled with ozone instead of oxygen? I mean, O2 and O3 are really similar, right?

Comment Oh, that's okay, I'm a Touhou fan. (Score 0) 71

You really can't get any more diversified with conflicting viewpoints than Touhou lore.

Then again, ZUN did state in official material that Gensokyo is what we make of it effectively giving creative interpretation of it over to the fans with him just creating the basic layout and characteristics of each character.
And looking at the size of Touhou fandom I'd have to admit it's not that bad of an idea. Although if someone would try to make something similar to his style, most of the fandom would more than likely cry out that the art is way too good and therefore must be shunned.

Comment Wait a minute... (Score 1) 442

Aren't we supposed to be technologically competent?

In regards to the laptops, what's keeping OP, or whoever it applies to, from physically removing the camera from the laptop?

I know the older MacBook Pro's (i.e. Not the unibody) the process of replacing the display is easily found on the net, and removing the camera itself is just a few extra steps. OS doesn't see a camera and you can't hide what's not there.

Then again, I did buy a first generation MacBook Pro with a broken display. I swapped out the hard drive for a 200GB while I was replacing the display.
So if you're one of those who clings to a warranty (har har, I also buy old, used cars!), then you're on your own.

Comment The Best? (Score 1) 488

It maybe the Swiss Army Knife of the video files but I will NOT consider it the best until it can properly render subtitles from an MKV file, or any external subtitle file.

One would think two years and [G/g]od knows how many petitions someone in there would work on it but all they have said is "it's not a high priority"

So I say screw them. I'll stick to Perian/Quicktime on OSX and Media Player/CCP on XP.

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