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Comment Re:It's not the money (Score 3, Funny) 161

It's not the $20! It's the baby! Getting a baby to hang the motion tracking device on will be an issue. I mean, do you rent it? Adopt it? Make your own? - which means getting a woman...

It's the chicken and egg problem*. If you are pushing a baby in a stroller in a supermarket, women will come up and talk to you. I remember thinking when my kids were babies and I took them to the store "damn, why didn't I have one of these when I was single?"

* the egg came first.

And then what? Ask them, "Do you want to help me make another one?"

I don't know. I'm just curious.


Submission + - Verizon Emasculates the Palm Pre Plus in New Ads (

Reber Is Reber writes: Did you know the Palm Pre Plus is a phone for ladies? Specifically, for moms? Well, it is, you sissy! If you were a real man, you'd buy a Droid! That's a phone for men!

Actually, that's far from the truth. Both phones are pretty damned gender neutral, unless you're the type of person who believes only men appreciate hard lines and ladies are drawn to curves. And apparently that's what Verizon believes, based on their advertising.

If you ask us, the Palm Pre Plus pretty much sells itself. So if we were working out a promo campaign for it, we'd just display the competitive pricing front and center and get the hell out of the product's way. But that just wouldn't do for Verizon. After all the machismo it attached to the Droid, the wireless provider is back with a set of ads for the Pre Plus targeted at the modern lady. We're not told why two slabs of plastic and silicon with comparable sliding keyboards and similar internals must be compartmentalized by gender, but we don't really care. The new ads are crazy enough in themselves, so just go see 'em after the break.

Check out the video for yourself at Gizmodo

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