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Comment Re: 'Social networking has robbed us of our nostal (Score 2) 168

>Facebook is redundant
One thing we agree on. My account there is basically vestigial at this point, used only to communicate with people who don't know me on Twitter or Google Plus and I don't feel like texting.
That said, the first half of your post has nothing to do with the last half. I get that reuniting with someone after a long way away is a nice feeling, but, in terms specifically of high school Reunions, is largely a fake feeling. It's not "Oh, here's my long lost aunt/niece/brother/friend I haven't seen in years, lets catch up", it's "Oh, here's a bunch of people who happened to be born around the same time as me, most of whom I don't care about." Maybe I'm just cynical for my age (I'm only a few years younger than you, born in '85), but most of the people I care about from high school I kept in touch with. The rest were noise to my life.

Comment 'Social networking has robbed us of our nostalgia (Score 5, Insightful) 168

So? It seems like every few days we get some article from somewhere that basically amounts to "things are different now". It's also bonus points when the thing that's changed was only something Baby Boomers really experienced, and they act like it was a universal, awesome thing that OH NO THE INTERNETS KILLING NOW.

Your Face Will Soon Be In Facebook Ads 344

jfruhlinger writes "If you're planning on checking into Starbucks using Facebook Places, your friends may soon see your profile picture in a Facebook ad for Starbucks — and, it goes without saying, you won't be paid a dime. You can't opt out, unless, as Dan Tynan puts it, "studiously avoid clicking "Like" or checking into any place that has a six- or seven-figure ad budget." The ad will also include whatever text you use in your checkin, so Tynan suggests some judicious pranksterism ("Just checked into the Starbucks around the corner and this doppio mocha latte tastes like goat urine")."

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 454

How's it any different than going to As far as I can tell, the only two differences are 1) doesn't give you a shiny little sig badge to wave your download speed around in and 2) isn't going to put pressure on Verizon/Comcast/etc. to provide better broadband.

Submission + - An Open Letter to Ballmer: Show us the Code

DigDuality writes: " requesting anyone involved in the Linux communities and companies to stand up and demand that Steve Ballmer show the world where Linux violates Micosoft's intellectual propety. He has been making these claims since the Novell-Microsoft deal. This is a challenge and when answered by May 1st, Linux developers will be able to modify the code so it remains "free" software. If such code doesn't exist, the bluff will be called and many companies can rest soundly. It is calling out for ever leader in the Linux world to stand behind it and give this campaign it's endorsement. If not answered and if the campaign garnishes enough attention, the community and companies behind linux can consider his slience for a bluff being called."

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