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Comment Corporate Expenditures (Score 0) 551

It's been a while since I have posted, but mobile devices really are my favorite thing to play with. I am constantly changing phones, almost at the rate of one per month. Mostly having to import because the carriers here don't know a hill of beans about what "technology" is, and the other half being that most the population can't afford a high end device. With that said, I do believe that AT&T has horrible, horrible, project management when it came to this iPhone venture they took on. I fail to see how subscriber fee's aren't paying for these upgrades/updates to their infrastructure. At 9 million iPhone users paying an average of 100$ per month for service in two years you have an average influx of $21.6 billion dollars monthly. I've heard that supposedly AT&T pays Apple some 100$ per device sold blah blah. Still at 20 billion they shouldn't be putting out releases that a mere 18 billion cost in infrastructure updates. It's the same with all US technologies. Data, Voice, Video... everyone want's to slim by on whatever the hell the cheapest option is instead of looking forward. "Hey guys, let's roll out this awesome phone that we can advertise as being the fastest at Data/Web/Voice but restrict everything they can do because of "network capabilities". Sure the iPhone is fast when you are on WiFi but i've traveled to large cities with 3G and the iphone still performs just as poorly as any other device with a 3G capable chipset. It's tough to explain that network upgrade in your multi-100 million dollar house with the G4 outside. Then again who gives a crap about customers, they are just fools paying for foolish broken service. I loved the Slingbox incident, saying that it would wreck traffic on the network. Like the YouTube app pulled less data than Slingbox would have?

Comment Re:Zombies!!! does exist ~_~ (Score 0) 59

Well lest we not forget that children are pointless IMHO, no child is special or is a miricle. "Having a kid is no more of a miricle than you eatin' food and a turd coming out of your ass" - Bill Hicks

I honestly can't believe that videogames are getting as much media attention as they do. Some idiot kids go out and shoot up a highway with a shotgun, or shoot a cop, or run from the police because they saw it in a video game? I think they lost the whole point of GTA to tell you the truth. After I got done playing GTA I wanted to go to the strip club, pick up a hooker, and go have unprotected sex in an alley way.

Thats about what I left the game with. I don't understand how there are all these orginazations out there saying that we need to ban the selling of this game or that game. You need to watch your goddamn children a little closer and what they do you fuck-tard. Don't leave it up to the public to do this for you. You see how well the public makes choices (Dubya). So I rather not leave that to them if you care about your child.

Also if your kid is 16-18 and still can't tell the difference between reality and a video game, well its just better off that he goes and does something stupid to end up dead or in prison.

There is no honest evidence as to why it would be the publics responsibility to watch your fucking kid you poped out of your shit hole body.

There isn't a subject that gets me more furious than this. I don't honestly see how the hell that a videogame would lead to real-life violence. I mean I kill people everyday and don't seem to be affected by videogames. (kidding)

Seriously, if in the event I do ever spawn some children. I will make sure they get to play the Quakes, Dooms and GTA's of thier time, at the same time I will make sure they understand its fictional and to respect your authoraties appointed over you, and the value of human life. These are things that should be taught and understood at a young age and then reinforced by a somewhat decent parent.

The problem with today's society, at least here in this shitty state I live in, is that children themselves are getting pregnant at early ages. (14-17) Honestly now.

I am probably a very grousome and violent person idea wise you might meet. I think of some crazy and violent things but I know that its thought and shouldn't be acted upon. None of that comes from video games. movies mostly do it for me.

I haven't seen really a video game yet thats as violent as any random action movie, at least till GTA came along. Nobody seemed to be going out and killing people when GTA 1 and 2 were out. Seems to be the same principal, same gameplay, same name. Why was it just recently everyone decided to get stupid and go do ignorant things?

Who is this asshole lawyer that wants to sue the entire gaming industry? Did his wife or kids get shot because of a videogame? They missed him obviously.

Stop reading so much into ENTERTAINMENT and just let it be that, entertainment not reality.

I think kids that go out and believe the real world is a videogame that they can do whatever they want should be taken to an open field and shot in the head with a .22 pistol. We aren't loosing the cure for cancer here, maybe a gas attendant or two but even then most of them are self serve.

Well my rant has gone on long enough, enjoy!

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