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Comment Way off (Score 2) 226

People take Musk's jokes too seriously. SpaceX is building a pedestrian underpass to the big SpaceX parking lot that is across a major street (Crenshaw Blvd in Hawthorne). There have been accidents, and a number of SpaceX employees have been hit by cars trying to cross the busy street.

- Necron69

Comment Tip them (Score 1) 726

And that's why I always tip my Uber and Lyft drivers. They aren't making as much as you think, and most people aren't doing it as their first choice of employment.

OTOH, if I were unemployed and since I have a decent car, I'd probably start driving for Uber or Lyft immediately while I looked for another 'real' job.

- Necron69

Comment I used to, but not anymore (Score 1) 215

I loaded custom ROMs on my first three Android phones, and spent a ton of time tweaking things. This is not all that different from what I used to do with Linux years ago.

However, a number of things happened such that I no longer bother:
- Android got a lot better overall
- Samsung boot locked my stupid phone (GS6) - bad
- Samsung started issuing monthly patch updates - good

I'm vaguely considering trying to find an unlockable phone for my next one, but after getting burned by Google with my last Nexus tablet that they killed with an update, I'm not real thrilled by them either.

- Necron69

Comment Re:Problem solved (Score 1) 290

My company doesn't have "sick leave", we have PTO (personal time off). This is a twisted system which means your sick time and vacation time are the same pool. Naturally, this means you screw up your vacation plans if you take sick time, so I just come in to work unless I'm on my death bed.

Incentives matter.

- Necron69

Comment Re:This is all so pointless (Score 3, Insightful) 474

There is nothing whatsoever in Musk's plans that prohibit them from sending 10 (or 100) ships up first that are loaded with cargo for the first colonists. In fact, doing otherwise would be ridiculous. Don't take the video quite so literally.

Musk himself said he is focused on building the transportation infrastucture, not the colony itself. He is leaving that to others and basically inviting people with resources and ideas to join in.

- Necron69

Comment Nope (Score 1) 205

My CEO has only been on the job for about three years, and frankly, he is a vast improvement over the previous guy. He's doing a great job, and moving the company in the right direction. He clearly understands the industry a lot better than I do, so I'm not complaining.

- Necron69

Comment The Surface 3 is terrible (Score 0, Flamebait) 59

I tried to go cheap and get a Surface 3 a year ago when my latest Android tablet died. A tablet, a laptop. What's not to like? (Ok, it runs Windows...)

I'm sorry to say that the Surface 3 is my worst computer purchase ever. Despite multiple reinstalls, firmware and driver updates, the thing has constant issues. The wifi and video drivers are the primary culprits.

Do yourself a favor and don't buy one of these.

- Necron69

Comment Privacy aside... yes (Score 1) 982

Privacy implications aside, I think Windows 10 works great. I've been running it for almost a year now on my Surface 3 tablet and on two different Dell boxes at home. Since two of those machines had come with Windows 8 on them, it was a big improvement.

My only usability complaint so far is that I had somewhere missed a firmware update on the Surface tablet that resulted in a lot of network and video driver crashes for a while.

Generally, I don't use the Edge browser or Cortana very much. The one feature I really do like is the decent multiple desktop support. I've been using crappy, half-assed apps to do this for years on Windows.

As for the privacy aspects, I've had a long standing disagreement with a friend about whether collecting marketing preferences constitute a privacy "violation" or not. I don't really think so, but even if they do, it is entirely voluntary. I really don't care if someone targets me with advertising or mails me coupons for stuff I might want to buy. If you don't like the privacy 'violations' of Windows, there are ways to turn it off, or you can just use Linux. :)

- Necron69

Comment Sort Of (Score 4, Insightful) 151

I don't know that it is high tech jobs, or legal pot, but odd things are definitely happening in Denver. We just refinanced our house after less than two years, and the value shot up by almost $100k. Thankfully we bought when we did, but I don't know how my kids will afford to live here in the future. The townhomes they are building a block away will go from $350-$650k! Denver proper is mostly landlocked so prices will continue to rise.

Traffic is awful and getting worse. Getting up to the mountains to play on the weekend has become a real chore. We leave for skiing at 5:30am to beat the traffic up I70. Driving in or out of the city during rush hour is completely awful.

The bad traffic has brought the return of toll roads on most of the regional highways that weren't already tolled. Even the interstates have or are getting toll/express lanes now. Be prepared to pay up for your commute.

One bright spot - after decades of wrangling, our light rail network is finally being expanded out to serve much more of the metro area. Even the cheaper suburbs will have rail access to downtown in a couple of years. (Not Boulder, they hate you, sorry).

Please bring your hipster programmer selves here so I can continue to have someone local to work for and keep feeding my 401k until retirement. Then I can sell my house for a small fortune and move out of this crazy town.

Yours Truly, Generation X.

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