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Comment Re:You don't "code" HTML (Score 2, Interesting) 175

So what are you writing when writing HTML, and what shall I ask people to take a look at when I ask them to open a HTML document? "Open up that HTML document and take a look at the....stuff?"
"Code" is a pretty broad concept. Perhaps you should look at this:
Any asshat can substitute letters for their corresponding number in the alphabet, but does that make it less of a "code"?
No. Sorry but I am not convinced and this merely strikes me the same as when people argue the term "hacking".
Some can't accept/understand that language evolves, while others merely just want a foothold to create a meaningless sense of superiority.

Which one are you?
Funny thing is, I agree with you somewhat, snd also find other peoples limited perspectives of technology slightly comical, but I'm not about to narrow the definition of a word just to spite them.
Also, I second nebulus4's comment below and think it's more acceptable to call what you're speaking of, programming, and the result, a program, but I guess that words not quite exclusive enough either...

And uhhhh.......big boys? Come on man, seriously. No tech job/expertise makes you one of the "big boys". Try protein shakes.

Comment Excellent author. Good luck with the baby! (Score 1) 237

I've gained quite a bit of respect for this author. I mentioned his book on twitter, and he promptly responded to my comment, and I've since then been following him. I generally only follow locals or people I have a significant reason to follow. I like his ethics and intitative. Free distribution of knowledge for those who seek it is a rather noble thing.

Comment Article not about Regular RedBull (Score 1) 290

Many don't seem to realize their talking about the newer REDBULL COLA they put onto the market. I have to say, it's one of the best I've tried, the ingredients read like a simple list of herbs, and the taste is pretty interesting/complex. Hope they don't ban them here, they are hardly the same strength in terms of stimulant property as the regular redbull(the cola being weaker).

Comment Re:Seems like karma to me. (Score 1) 544

Yes defend your actions, but condemn others. This girl sadly did make some dumbass decisions, and I consider her responsible for her own actions. However In this case, I'll consider YOUR parents responsible for raising a class A socially defunct weaboo asshole like yourself. Back to your basement troll.

Comment Re:Seems like karma to me. (Score 1) 544

Somewhat yes. But did I say LJ? Or deviantart? Looks pretty recent to me. So you had questionable attractions to little girls a year ago but not now? So hypothetically speaking, lets say you die. You do something really stupid, and I decide to blame your parents for it, and start sending them pictures of your corpse with messages saying you were an evil closet pedophile. Are you telling me I would be right to do this? This isn't really a discussion about your personal life, and I am not trying to lead a tirade against you. My personal opinions aside, I was simply using this as an example to show you what you sound like to other people. Were you to simply concede that your comments inadvertently made you sound like like an ignorantly judgmental person who puts too much stock in their assumptions who then also feels it necessary to express this useless negativity to other people, I would likely have nothing left to respond to you with. Just sayin....

Comment Re:Seems like karma to me. (Score 1) 544

Nothing just using the limited information I can gain from my position as a distant observer to make judgments that may or may or not be close to the truth. See what I'm getting at? To be fair you only had one or two favorited that portray furries. Personally, I find it hard to believe that a scruffy overweight 23 year old male like yourself simply has a purely platonic interest in little girls. At very least strikes me as creepy. Why is this relevant, you might be wondering? Because I am judging you much the same way you are judging these people you know little to nothing about. Perhaps their is some truth in your speculation. Perhaps then, there is some truth in mine as well? What were they supposed to do? Would it be simply a natural to assume someone would take such unexpected and drastic action? Perhaps they should lock their keys in a safe, and wear them securely handcuffed to their wrists whenever carrying them? Regardless of whether or not they were bad parents, you seem to be supporting the act of sending malicious and harassing reminders of an even that I'm sure this family is struggling to move past and get on with their life. Thus, I could care less about applying the same lack of consideration to people such as yourself. You reap what you sow.

Comment Re:Seems like karma to me. (Score 1) 544

I think we've all done stupid things in our time, I know I have. Should my parents have to suffer if one of those things ended in my horrific death? Should yours? Parents can make rules, but this girl was old enough to drive, therefore old enough to make her own decisions and act according to her own free will. Why are constant and malicious reminders somehow right or necessary? Is it likely the parents are going to forget this without those reminders? What purpose does harassment serve here? Perhaps if you die horribly we should all pass judgment on you and torment your family because your apparent lolita/furry obsession indicated by your deviantart favorites...... So easy to sit on the moral high ground isn't it?

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