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Japanese Researchers Make Plastic Out of Water 117

greenrainbow writes with this excerpt from Inhabit: "The material shown in the picture above is just ice, right? Look again. Elastic water, a new substance invented by researchers at Tokyo University, is a jelly-like substance made up of 95% water along with two grams of clay and a small amount of organic materials. As is, the all-natural substance is perfect for medical procedures, because it's made of water, poses no harm to people, and is perfect for mending tissue. And, if the research team can increase the density of this exciting new substance, it could be used in place of our current oil-based plastics for a host of other things."

Comment Re:Data Control (Score 1) 126

It won't be long before we're able to identify all kinds of disorders and diseases with a simple genetic screening. Then we just call having a 90% chance to develop cancer a pre-existing condition, and you're screwed.

There is a law against that that just went into effect.

Also, people don't actually have that many lethal genes. There's the whole natural selection thing going on.

Comment Re:Shame (Score 1) 488

Congress shall accept no donations but from the People.

Corporations have been banned from donating to candidates in Federal elections since 1907. When you hear "Microsoft donated $27,000 to Jay Inslee", it actually means that individuals associated with Microsoft donated the money. (Well, corporations are allowed to give some to PACs, but it's limited.)

Comment Re:Cost/benefit? (Score 1) 458

Something tells me that if you do the math, cutting CO2 emissions will be way cheaper and safer than any of the options listed in the article. Seeding the oceans with iron, one of the more reasonable sounding ideas... OK, but how much iron would have to be mixed into the oceans to get rid of billions of tons of atmospheric carbon? At what cost?

No. The math has been done and the geo-engineering solutions are thousands of times cheaper than reducing CO2 emissions.

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