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Comment Clone Wars.... (Score 1) 457

and they didn't even properly finish that series.
Season 6 which only has 13 episodes (normally they have 22 episodes per season) release doesn't finish with the beginning of the movie Episode 3:Revenge of the Sith. I wish that would properly finish Star Wars:Clone Wars so there is continuity between movie Episode 2:Attack of the Clones and Episode 3:Revenge of the Sith which the Clone Wars was intended to do. After Disney bought Lucas Film, they stopped the Clone Wars series, according to Dave Filoni, so they can work on movie Episode 7 and a new cartoon series The Rebels.
Nevertheless. I wish they would comeback to Clone Wars and finish the series.

Submission + - Problem with, and other Google internet services.

Neanderthal Ninny writes: I noticed on my network the doesn't respond. I don't get an I checked with some 3rd party network check services like or / and they say is up. I check my DNS server and the IP addresses, and many more appear. I also used HTTPS and still nothing.
Anyone experiencing this problem?

Comment All of the above (Score 1) 262

IMHO it is users that are using the software so they should have a fair amount input for at user interface part of the software. Some managers are essentially stupid so I would let these managers near any of the development team. The worst is let some of "capital people" or "financial investors" try their hand in "assisting" in development, most of these "financial people" couldn't tell idea between their ass and a hole in the wall.

Comment Remember, most movies are dealing with fiction (Score 1) 449

Since most movies are fiction so are laws of physics and many other things go out of the door also. I watch Star Wars or Star Trek purely for entertainment since we haven't gone beyond light speed yet or teleported anything larger than a couple of atoms. I watch movies for their entertainment value and not to score them in Mythbusters in categories of "Busted", "Plausible" or "Confirmed". As for documentaries or docudramas I do expect some accuracy in what they show (more in documentaries less in docudramas) so I do cringe when I see inaccuracies there.

Comment Whatever they were reading or watch at that moment (Score 1) 722

I managed a development data center we have the system administrators of each group name their own servers (as long they don't exist already) and most common method I remember was what characters or objects they where reading or seeing on TV or movie at that time. At that time Star Trek, the next generation was out we had Picard, Number One, Wolf, etc.,

Comment Poor reporting (Score 3, Insightful) 249

I assume no one really checked their sources before they printed this (what a dated word "printed") or out on the net. A manual typewriter is still good if the power goes out and you need to make a standardized letter for some reason. We nearly needed to use one this year because our accounting software developer made a mistake in creating 1099 forms this year. Yes, Royal and Olivetti still manufactures manual typewriters so this story is incorrect. There are still are several manufactures of electric typewriters that double as printer for computers .

Comment April 1 agian?! (Score 1) 154

or did Ground Hog Day and April Fools get combined now and I'm experiencing April 1 again and again.
Since they have essentially removed most reference of Mao Zedong from their history books now they are going after people attempt to change history. Even though I'm Chinese, but the communist Chinese always make me laugh with with their strange and bewildering policies with their people but their enforcement of certain laws against their are not funny.

Comment Is it still April 1st? (Score 1) 404

However, with this article on PLOS and reading it now it to go beyond mice and go to study on other animals to check so this idea will work eventually on humans. My assumption it will take 3 years before human testing will occur and I will be the first be in line to do the test. It will be another 3 years before it may become available to general public.

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