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Comment Re:Nokia? (Score 1) 179

Great? Are you really calling Symbian OS great? For dumbphones perhaps, but... Or maybe you referred to Maemo. Wait, that wasn't so great either. Maybe if they had given it time to mature. Alas, towards yet another OS we go, let's hope this one goes a little better.

Comment Re:Opera! (Score 2, Informative) 261

I would like to comment that it, in fact, doesn't. I've run Opera on OS X and Windows for a few years now and have seen no indication of that. In fact, I can see only one Opera process in Activity Monitor right now, with 15 threads - even if I open up a Youtube video. When Flash crashes, so does the whole browser (which used to happen all the time with the 10.5x betas). I've heard rumors on the My Opera forums that Opera on *nix might have this, but the OS X version certainly doesn't and I have no knowledge that the Windows version would either. Opera is a great browser, but this is something I've yet to see (and am eager to).

Comment Re:New defense tactic... (Score 1) 470

The expert can run an md5 hash list containing the signatures of all the copyrighted music that the RIAA has collected over the years and compare the results against the contents of the hard drive. You can name a file anything you want and its content based md5 will stay the same.

That's why you change the file in some way, for example write something random in an MP3 file's ID3 comment tag. The resulting md5 hash is now completely different and most likely is not included in their list.

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