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Comment Re:I was about to blame \. (Score 1) 84

I guess eventually we'll reach the point where news articles will read "Something happened today, go google it yourself"

Except that worse happens today - news articles read "Something important happened today, but no way on earth are we letting you know what it is. Better, we tell you what didn't happen"

Comment Re:Why should I care? (Score 2) 84

The community. No, I'm not referring to the *see-my-boobies-and-follow-me* or *awww-my-cat-is-sooooo-chweet* types, but hey, even ./ has fucktards, doesn't it? Honestly, the Instagram community (users), most of whom are normal people, taking normal pics, of normal places, events and things, have created an incredible collection of millions of pictures searchable via hashtags. Heck I, and many users don't even use Instagram filters or its camera to take pics and rather use some other app like SnapSeed/Camera+ etc. and use Instagram just as a sharing platform. So it's funny how all the fandroids are just trashing it just as a "filter-app"!

Comment Re:"Better than chance"? (Score 1) 72

Anyone have a link to the actual study, so we can find out what "better than chance" really means? 40% accuracy? 35% accuracy? Either could be significantly better than chance (33%), but neither shows much promise on the "I'm going to read your mind" front.

Unrelated, but why did slashdot decide to change the UI again? It's even less responsive now than their last change!


Submission + - Nokia sells out ( 1

videoBuff writes: Nokia, current cell phone market leader whose dominance is crumbling, signs up to use Microsoft Windows 7, whose market share is only 2%. Nokia will junk its Symbian and Linux efforts. Guess who made this "brilliant" decision? Mr. Stephen Elop, former Microsoft executive, who joined Nokia as CEO on Sep 2010. Goodbye Nokia, you just made yourself irrelevant.

Submission + - Nokia-Microsoft tie-up (

kaka.mala.vachva writes: Nokia and Microsoft have formed a partnership, so Nokia smartphones will soon carry Microsoft Windows. *sigh* — Nokia makes some of the best phones around, why couldn't they switch to Android!

Comment EXACTLY what India needs (Score 1) 102

It is really amusing to see so many people raise their hands and start shouting - poverty, slums, drinking water, health, etc. etc. - whenever any mention of India investing a substantial sum of money in a challenging scientific endeavour, apparently reserved for the developed first world countries, comes up.

How easy it is to do so, without having any ground knowledge of the state of things in the country, right?

Perhaps, a bit easier, than taking the troubles to know that all the basic things to be taken care of, as mentioned above, are already financed by a multitude of schemes for each one of them under various mininstries, programs and plans of the Indian governement.

Nowhere in the country, at no point of time in the last 2 decades at least, has a water, electricity, housing, education or health program suffered because of lack of funds from the top of the pyramid, but because of the apathy shown towards sincere planning and execution of those projects, including brazen corruption prevailing at all levels, which accounts for consuming most of the funds meant for the upliftment of the social condition.

Without digging for exact statistics and quoting all the schemes, it would not be an exaggeration to say that India regularly allotts huge sums of money, running into billions of dollars, for each of those basic amenities, under its Five Year Plans, Annual Budgets etc.

It is definitely a matter of debate about the ratio of funds allocated for different purposes, the methods of allocation, accountability and responsibility. But just because apparently there seems to be less red-tapism for the scientific agencies in produring and applying funds for advancing research activities, or the pot-holed roads, hungry kids and uneducated & unemployed youth make for a more sensational news items whenever the former happens, India shouldn't be accused of trying to become a scientific powerhouse in spite of all the adveristies.

In fcat IMHO, the funds allocated for such scientific activities, is still far less than what should have been for a country the size and aspirations of India, and certainly much less than other countires like China.

Relativity is a bitch :-)

Comment Re:My IT Guy heckled me... (Score 1) 364

First, you don't seem to have the senses to understand or even read my post in totality, and secondly, ur an AC... chuck it.. If your dumb ass gives your brain enough space to breathe, then try to understand that what a bookmark syncing addon does. Just because I visit these sites at home, or anywhere else other than my office, and also I need to have my zillions of bookmarks always on my machine, wherever I work, doesn't mean that I WASTE OFFICE TIME doing such stuff in office. Tracking softwares/ proxies/ access log reports are stuff which are and should be used for such things. Right, that you were not in place of that CTO. At least he was considerate enough to allow me to put it into his head that just being equipped to do something doesn't mean that I WILL DO IT. Surely you must be burning your balls as a CTO/CIO somewhere, trying hard to differentiate between the right and wrong.

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