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Comment It is all a Politcal Game inside Belgium (Score 1) 158

The real deal is this: The french-speaking Parti Socialiste (PS or Socialist Party) was in government for 30 years or so. They always tried to hold back any laws that would grant more power to the regions (dutch-speaking, a.k.a. Flemish , french-speaking a.k.a. Wallonia and the mixed language capital of Brussels), but ultimately could endanger the financial transfers from the richer Flemish part to the poorer and big spending Walloon side, but this policy backfired the last decade when Flemish people (60% of the population) voted en masse for a more confederate-orientated party. Scaring their populace with stories of Flemish people wanting to tear the country down thereby dumping the royalties and throwing overboard any solidarity between the regions, a deadlock was created. Until the liberal french party (MR) was found to run the federal government with the Flemish parties and together they started cleaning out (or attempting to) the immense Socialist dump: a massive debt, a wildgrowth of departments etc... Now, the waning PS is only strong in it's bastion: Wallonia. And how do you think they can make themselves 'necessary'? Right, by blocking the CETA for a bit and showing the federal government, their electorate and the Europe: "See , we still have power! We are necessary! We are the conscience of Belgium". But what they tend to forget to say is that the CETA deal has already been on the table for 2 years: plenty of time to voice their opposition. Can someone please show the Walloon people what has been changed in the CETA agreement? Nothing, nada, noppes, nichts, rien!

Comment What a load of bull... (Score 1) 112

LinkedIn is the most idiotic brain dead company I've ever worked with.

I had a simple question: tell me how i can get the number of jobofferings that my customer's company has posted so i can show this number on their corporate site with a linked to LinkedIn. There must be an API for it, i've got OAuth2 credentials and a signed letter from the God/Darwin..

"Ah, but yes, but no, but yes, but no..."

Long story short, i've written a small program to check the LinkedIn site and get the value manu militari and it works great.
And I know this is not the same level as the bad-ass scrapers do, but I like to see LinkedIn tear in its own flesh...

Submission + - French Cave reveals Neanderthal structures (

NaughtyNimitz writes: 17 Years after the death of the French archeologist Francois Rouzaud, tasked with researching the cave, a team of researchers , headed by the Belgian archeologist Sophie Verheyden resumed the research on two circular patterns proven to be man-made.
Questioning the age of 47.600 years determined by Rouzaud using carbondating, the team looked for alternative means of measuring the age. By measuring the levels of uranium , they discovered the age of broken of stalagmites at 176,500 years. This means the structures couldn't have been the work of Homo Sapiens...

Comment Re:Dutch also have their own layout, no one uses i (Score 1) 315

As a Flemish Belgian ( I am not Flaming about it, wink wink) , I use QWERTY and Mac OS X English International. Always have (since OS X came out) and always will , and this , among others, due to the keyboard shortcuts that correspond to the info found in books and on internet. There's vastly more info in English than in Dutch. The funny thing is, about 50% of Mac owners I know, also have the English version, but alas, the suffer from that French-influenced disease called AZERTY.
(Long time ago, some asshat introduced AZERTY to ALL Belgians because... feck those Flemish people)

Comment Re:Ah Belgium Politcs (Score 4, Interesting) 319

Exactlly: but that dissolving is met with fierce resistance from the French-speaking part of Belgium. Just recently, the leading party (a pro-secession Flemish party that has vowed to delay their already well known secession plans during their appointment in order to get the country back on track) has publicly announced they will look into the confederalistic matter INTERNALLY as a long-term strategy: just to make it clear they do not intend to do it now.
Immediately and will all guns blazing, the French-speaking parties except the Liberal Party talk of nothing short of a revolution in the Belgian Parliament. Of course, every Flemish person understands it is in their best interest to keep Belgium (an artificial country created by the imperial powers of the 19th century) together as they 'think' the fruits of Flemish labour (a.k.a. money transfers from Flemish to Walloon part) is their due payment for the past 2 centuries of pampering those peasant Flemish farmers with their Germanic-based language into the industrial age.
I for one think Europe should be about people in regions with their own culture but under the umbrella of a bigger organisation (EU) but without the blooper-government (Greece, Merkel-Migrants, ....)

Comment Re:Not planned at all (Score 1) 107

But as always stated, these ships will be available for in-game credits you can earn by playing the game. Some advantages of buying them know are: often you have an extended period / lifetime insurance on that ship , you back the game and get more (hangar, model, art-work, ...), you are a fan and you want to express it,...
Chris Roberts stresses on this all the time: using real-world money should in no averse way effect the game play for others.

Comment Re:Valuable lesson learned (Score 1) 76

Well, if you have 250 websites to manage like me, it still prefer my CMS: I decide when to patch my code and update my clients site. I don't want to be dictated by a 'code red'. Also, my updates are 97% based on integration of new components (support for cloudbased storage, etc...) and not because of security issues.
A major factor in all this, is that I use rails: the supporting community has an immense array of helpful tools that help me with deployment, migration (new server) and maintenance.

Comment Only in America? (Score 5, Interesting) 1145

Come on you puritan sods! Grow a pair of balls.
Now if the developers made a sexual joke about that Adria woman , than I would consider this sexual harassment. But some wordplay? On Forking? And big dongles? What's next; "Oh no's, he said that we should go 'finger' the cullprit who broke into our unix account. Let's put tar and feathers on him and carry him around on a metal bar!"
I am goddamn happy I live on the ole' Continent where you can swear profanely on the workfloor when you break your skull underneath your desk while searching for that loose USB cable or make funny comebacks to loose the tension like that female developer who shouted "that's what he said" after the frantic cry of the assistant server-admin "i can't get it up!".

You are creating a generation of scared, stressed, puritan bastards. One visit to a Scottish , Flemish or Basque pub and they probably faint upon hearing the "feck this pissbeer" or "my, those are big jugs. No offense lady!"

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