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The Military

Submission + - Advanced Tactical Laser C-130H Test Successful (

Nathrael writes: "According to an article on, the testing of Boeing's C-130H air-to-ground laser was a success:

Boeing says it successfully completed its first ground test of a weapons system aboard a C-130H designed as an Advanced Tactical Laser aircraft.

The Boeing Co. says last week's test at Kirtland Air Force Base was a key milestone.

Officials say the aircraft fired a high-energy chemical laser through its beam control system, which guided the beam to a ground target. The laser passes through a rotating turret on the aircraft's belly.

Boeing Missile Defense Systems vice president and general manager Scott Fancher says firing the laser through the control system demonstrates the functioning of the entire system.

Boeing intends to fire the laser in-flight at ground targets later this year after additional tests.

Now let's start those jokes about frickin laser beams attached to somebody's head."

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