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Why the Kill Switch Makes Sense For Android 384

Technologizer writes "It came out this week that Google's Android phone OS, like the iPhone, has a kill switch that lets Android Market applications be disabled remotely. But it's a mistake to lump Google's implementation and Apple's together — the Google version is a smart, pro-consumer move that avoids all the things that make Apple's version a bad idea."
It's funny.  Laugh.

XKCD Invited To New Yorker "Cartoon-Off" 231

UnknowingFool writes "Farley Katz, who draws for New Yorker magazine, ran into's Randall Munroe in a grocery store. He challenged Munroe to a cartoon-off — each cartoonist to produce drawings about the Internet as envisioned by the elderly, String Theory, 1999, and one's favorite animal eating one's favorite food. In the ensuing short interview, Munroe describes XKCD as 'a webcomic about stick figures who do math, play with staple guns, mess around on the Internet, and have lots of sex. It's about three-fourths autobiographical.'"

Submission + - Can Your Notebook Survive A Good Trashing?

DKC writes: Lenovo ThinkPads may look similar to notebooks from other companies, but they incorporate unique technologies that make these notebooks the choice of many businesses. Many of these technologies may be invisible to the user, so Lenovo is now taking great pains in educating their users about the effort that goes into each ThinkPad.You have read about all those cool protection technologies packed into your notebook, but have you ever seen them in action? Find out how Masaki Kobayashi of Lenovo's Yamato Labs drops a notebook hard and pours water on another!

Submission + - Superconducting heat spreader to obsolete CPU fans

vinsci writes: R&D company Novel Concepts, Inc. has announced its new IsoSkin heat spreader material that dissipates heat 20 times more effectively than copper, according to the company. The thin (down to 500 microns) IsoSkin spreaders could eventually be used to replace the outer "skin" of portable electronics, thereby eliminating the need for heat sinks and fans that cool notebooks and PCs, ExtremeTech reports.

Submission + - Pirate Bay permanantly quits plans for own nation

Jared writes: "The world's most famous BitTorrent pirates decide to permanently drop anchor in their home country of Sweden, saying the whole affair was really for them to be able to "look on Google Maps and find ourselves there." In a response from an ADMIN over at The Free Nation Foundation, which split from BuySealand to form a group of the truly committed, he writes that "Personally, I'd like to say I 'saw it coming', but truthfully, I can't. What I can say, though, is that I'm not all that surprised, especially after the roller coaster ride their forums took." — Now I just wonder what the guys who donated a share of the $25,000 bucks The Pirate Bay has in collected in donations so far think about the fact that their money was simply a big Google Earth ad. Refunds anyone?"

Submission + - The Bane of Forced Obsolescence

An anonymous reader writes: Everyone hates being forced to upgrade when they don't want to. Especially when it's the hardware or software company forcing them to upgrade. This article discusses some of the reasons behind this, suggestions for changes, and calls for both hardware and software companies to start changing in ways that the customers want, not just what the investors and managers demand or dictate.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Dell XPS 710 H2C Watercooled Desktop Tested

MojoKid writes: "Dell's XPS 710 H2C Edition is touted as a top-of-the-line, ultra-performance machine built with performance enthusiasts in mind. Not only does the XPS 710 H2C hold the distinction of being Dell's first volume available, factory overclocked computer, but it also uses Dell's first in-house developed liquid cooling system to keep its quad-core power plant cool. This evaluation at HotHardware has plenty of performance data and goes into great detail on the technologies employed in the XPS 710 H2C Edition. It sure seems like a killer system if you can justify the investment."
The Courts

Couple Who Catch Cop Speeding Could Face Charges 876

a_nonamiss writes "A Georgia couple, apparently tired of people speeding past their house, installed a camera and radar gun on their property. After it was installed, they caught a police office going 17MPH over the posted limit. They brought this to the attention of the local police department, and are now being forced to appear in front of a judge to answer to charges of stalking."

Submission + - Ballmer hints at Xbox 360 price cuts

thefickler writes: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has strongly hinted that the company will look at cutting the price of its Xbox 360 in a recent financial analyst briefing in New York. Ballmer said that the company would review the price of the Xbox 360 to ensure that it remains competitive as well as profitable:
The Internet

Submission + - What Do Geeks Want Out Of Social Networking?

Praedon writes: "I run a Social Networking site called Geekalize, which is geared toward gamers, programmers, IT, etc. My goal here, is to bring a GOOD name to social networking and raise the bar, where there are such low standards elsewhere at other sites. I have focused on integration using YouTube API, I have spent countless hours browsing the web for new and unique things, but creativity can only go so far.

So I am calling on you, Slashdot, to speak your mind about social networking for geeks (and nerds!), and to give all the constructive feedback that you possibly can on what the standards should REALLY be for a social networking site 100% driven by the members."
The Courts

Blizzard Officially Files Against WoW Glider 179

Marcus Eikenberry writes "Blizzard and Vivendi today filed against MDY Industries, the makers of the 'WoW Glider' software. Glider allows World of Warcraft players to 'play' while away from the keyboard; the software moves the player's avatar along a set path, following a complex set of instructions dictated in advance. Blizzard is seeking injunctive relief and money damages against MDY. What that means is they want him to stop the production of WoW Glider and they want him to pay them damages. Blizzard believes that Glider infringes on their intellectual property. They believe Glider allows players to cheat, giving them an unfair advantage and that they believe Glider encourages Blizzard customers to breach their contracts for playing the game. Last they claim that Glider is designed to circumvent copyright protections."

Submission + - Vista to disable security in 'pirate' copies?

Bearhouse writes: Many places are reporting that MS's Steve Ballmer is 'blaming poor Vista sales on piracy'... This seems to be one of the sources (;7680622;fp; 16;fpid;1) From the article, it seems that's not quite what he said. FTA "We have new technologies built into Windows Vista, something we call Windows Genuine Advantage [that] we've really dialed up in capabilities with the Vista release," he said. "I do think that will bring some revenue growth." and "Last fall, when Microsoft announced details of Windows Genuine Advantage in Vista — which included new counterfeit-sniffing software as well as the crippling or disabling of important features....the company took heat from both users and analysts." and We [will] really ferret through how far we can dial it up, and what that means for customer experience and customer satisfaction," Balmer also said that (outside analyst's) sales forecasts for Vista had been 'over optimistic'. So what's the real story here? Is poor takeup of Vista due to little added value and high resource consumption / patchy driver support or is it piracy? Will 'enhanced' WGA increase exiting concerns about upgrading and recovering Vista? Most important, what do people think about MS 'disabling' security features on 'pirate' software, especially in the light of recent posts about S. Korea and China being the source of many attacks? (High rate of piracy = high rate of malware)

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