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Comment Re: Generic engineers? Really? (Score 0) 197

If you have spent years trying to build your reputation here, the first time you mention something that goes against the norm, you can get 10 AC shouting you down telling you how ignorant and stupid you are and you need to go read a book, and don't come back till you learn something

Moderators that don't know what they are reading moderate based on other comments and you karma goes to zero and your points go to -1 fast.

Why risk that any more?

Comment Re:Wrong! (Score 0) 210

Hi Mr anonymous.

I am not a physicist, I don't even play one on TV and I've never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. In all actuality I only have a high school degree.

One day this all just made sense to me.

In your example you have one hydrogen atom exchanging energy with the rest of the hydrogen atoms. That doesn't happen. All hydrogen atoms exchange energy with all hydrogen atoms.

If I take a lump of iron and heat it to 300 degrees F and place it in a vacuum with another equal size lump of iron at 100 degrees F, the two will eventually meet half way at 200 degrees F with some small measurable loss so as to be less than 200 degrees F. From there the temperature of both the lumps of iron should decrease in equal amounts to room temperature. Following entropy and no more outside infrared energy, both lumps should eventually reach near absolute zero.

If I place two identical glasses on a table and tap one of them with a spoon, that one glass will vibrate. The opposing glass having the same harmonic will start vibrating at the same frequency absorbing some of the energy of the glass tapped with the spoon.

The vibration of the 2 glasses will last slightly longer than had there been only one glass on the table. Now fill the table full of identical glasses and tap only one of the glasses. For some small amount of time all glasses will vibrate. How can some small amount of energy make all glasses vibrate?

Same with hydrogen. Now throw in the fact that hydrogen fuses to helium giving off two neutrons and almost twice the infrared energy and the process can continue for near forever.

So getting back to your question, a 1eV photon doesn't need to maintain the existence of a 1000 MeV proton, it only needs to maintain the spin so the spin doesn't decrease.

If I spin up a 1000lb flywheel, it takes an incredible amount of energy to get it spinning. But once it is spinning at a certain speed, I could probably keep it spinning at that speed by only using my hands.

Black hole are still mass. There is plenty of mass there. If you ever take a trip to one, you are eventually going to do a face plant into that mass, you don't fall through or make it to some other dimension.

Yea, yea, I'm a dumbass with only a high school diploma so what do I know and go ahead and shout me down.

Comment Re:Wrong! (Score 0) 210

We all agree with E = mc2.
Energy and mass are interchangeable. So yes, the reverse of what I wrote is possible..
But what E=mc2 doesn't account for is infrared energy.
The speed of light is variable in the absence of infrared energy. So at one point in time, there was no mass in the universe or infrared energy(zero temperature) only photons. .
Mass came into existence because of photons exceeding the speed of light when in some small part of the universe the speed of light slowed. Mass was created for an instance giving off infrared energy in tiny spurts, as photons changed to mass and then back to photons losing the energy to infrared energy. .
But the more times that happened, the infrared energy given off because of the incredible small moments of time the photons became mass and then back to photons, that incredible small amount of infrared energy given off was absorbed by other incredible small moments of mass delaying the transition back to photons. .
With enough occurrences of E=Mc2, enough infrared energy was created to sustain the spin of mass and the universe was created. .
The big bang never happened because it is still happening today, only in really tiny amounts. Call it the incredibly small bang..
You can never observe absolute zero in the presence of mass, Never. It takes infrared energy for mass to exist. .
Take away mass and you would never know what absolute zero was because at that point in time infrared energy would not exist. .
What if the atom has zero enthalpy, it has never been observed. Does that mean it exists in that state or has it changed back to energy and is no longer detectable..
Black Holes are not wormholes. Black holes are massive stars where the gravity of mass has become so great that it bends light waves. Light waves instead of being able to escape the pull of gravity now effected by the amount of gravity start to orbit the black hole mass and eventually spiral inwards. .
Black holes are only black because they bend the visible light spectrum, well maybe a wider range of the electromagnetic spectrum. .
Yea, Yea, I know... All of this is wrong and I am sooo stupid and none of this in is any text book anywhere and I am going to get so shouted down into nothingness..
If you don't like it, don't read it..

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 0) 256

When you metabolize fat into energy, you get a sugar, CO2, heat and lactic acid. Your blood absorbs the CO2 and your lungs dissipate the CO2 to atmosphere. If you are only breathing half as much as you would normally do, CO2 would build up in your blood stream and you would pass out.

Once you passed out, you would start breathing normally again. You breath at the rate you do to flush your system of CO2 and gain the O2 you need to keep your system oxidized.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 0) 256

You are full of it.

It is your choice to be unhealthy. YOU and only YOU choose what to eat and how much. It is your choice not to exercise. Boo F'n Hoo you feel a little pain. .

Now I was not obese but I was heavy when I walked into my doctors office some 8 years ago suffering from the flu. My doctor took my blood pressure at 160 over 110 and told me that he wanted me to start taking blood pressure medication or I would die from a heart attack in 6 months. I told the doctor that I was not going to start taking pills every day and I was going to do something about it.

My doctor asked what could I do on my own. I said "I don't know but I am going to do something."

I had a bicycle in my garage and thought I would do that. I started out only riding to the end of my street some 150 yards and back every day. It only took a minute or so do ride that. That was it. If you can't ride a bicycle 150 yards, you need to give up on life now. Was it painful? Hell yes it was, but I was rolling the clock back on that heart attack in 6 months. I discovered what I call vitamin N, "naproxen sodium" or Aleve Take some. Deal with the pain.

I did that for a month and it became easy. Easy as in I was not sweating profusely and out of breath. So, for the next month, I rode to the end of the subdivision for a total of .25 of a mile some double the previous distance. I did that for 2 months even in the cold of winter.

After that became easy as in not as painful as when I started the .25 of a mile ride, I decide that I would get serious about this and start riding every day to work. Here is a few picture of me for the first couple of months riding to work... Notice the drastic weight loss. The weight loss was not intentional, it was just a side effect

Was it painful...?? Hell yes it was. I made a choice to do that and stuck with it through the pain.... Well also taking plenty of Vitamin N.

I've continued to ride though the years and now ride 5,000 miles a year. As of this writing I am short by 117 miles...

You want to know what keeps me doing it? I now can do things that kids half my age can't do and I am 51. I went out for a ride with a bicycle shop to get in some extra miles this summer. 56 people signed up for the ride and I out rode everyone of them...

I own the second fastest time of everyone who as ever recorded a ride of the Alpharetta Greenway here in Atlanta Georgia...

In my current job I have only driven to work 5 times since I have started working here almost 9 months ago. I drive only due to heavy rain. I didn't drive to work this morning only because it is raining here this morning. The first day we have had rain in 47 days. But here is yesterdays ride to work...

It is faster to ride a bicycle to work now than it is to drive here in rush hour traffic.

I don't want to listen to any excuses any more from fat people saying it isn't their fault. I've been there, it was my fault that I was fat. It was my fault that I was doing nothing about it.

Now it isn't my fault that I can out ride almost everyone in Georgia. Notice me in 8th place... https://nationalbikechallenge.... Notice me in 593rd place of everyone in the country... https://nationalbikechallenge....

So Shut the F up and take some Vitamin N and get to it.

Oh, and if you want to know, I eat anything and everything that I want and still maintain the 180lbs at 6'1" tall. Riding 5,000 miles a year allows me to do that.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 410

You have ZERO(0) idea what you are talking about. Notice that I am not posting anonymous. Read the court documents...

She claimed that I raped her. She then claimed that I wanted to murder her... Read the final document where the court dismisses the entire thing and why.

The reason why she did that is because she didn't want me to have any thing to do with my son... Read this court document...

Yet she wanted 25% of my income for the next 18 years.

Previous girl friend that lived with me called the cops and claimed that I raped her when I wasn't even home. The cops showed up before I got home from work that evening and were waiting for me. They smelled something fishy and handcuffed me and put me in the back of a patrol car. I told police that I had no idea why she did that.

They took me to a near by police station where I called her and asked her why, while recording the conversation. She said that she was ending the relationship with me and moving her stuff out and wanted to take the brand new LCD tv that I had just purchased and needed me out of the house all night so she could do that.

The police let me go and ended up arresting her. I have searched the website but have come up empty as this happened in 2002.

To make a long story short.... All women lie.


Comment Re: This is how it starts (Score 0) 163

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I've been accused of rape 3 times by 3 different women all of them false.

The first woman called the cops to accuse me of rape because she didn't want me come to her apartment to find her with another guy. I had called her several times that afternoon when she had told me that she would be out the entire day. We had been dating for about 3 years. She never returned my call. I called just after dark and left a message that I was on my way over to her place because I was worried that something had happened. When I arrived at her place the cops where there and arrested me and put me in the back of the cop car. I was told that about 2pm that I had raped her and was coming back to beat her up. Fortunately I had a camcorder in my vehicle with a date and time stamp from slightly after 2pm from a company party that I was at. This was around 1999. The charges were eventually dropped.

My next girlfriend had lived with me a year and decided that she was moving out. She called the cops to say that I had beat her and raped her so I would be taken to jail and would be able to clean out my house with out problems. I was held by the sheriffs department for 12 hours all the time stating my innocence. I was able to call her from the sheriffs office and ask why she lied to the cops. She stated that she did not want me in the house while she was moving out and especially wanted the brand new 32 inch LED tv that I had just bought several weeks prior. The cops released me. Were charges pressed against her.... NOPE. This was circa 2005 or so.

The last woman lived with me for a year also and became pregnant. She moved out stating that the child was not mine. I let her go. I didn't contact her for more than 6 months. She started calling me after the child was born and we started going to dinner about once a month. I stayed in contact with her and occasionally dated her for the next year. She then went to family and children services and told them that I was the father. When I got notice of the now child support and the bill for arrears for the last 2 years, I decided that I wanted to see my now son. She refused. I tried several times to reason with her to see my son. One night she called me and said that I could come over and see my son. I thought that reasoning had prevailed. I drove over to her house only to have the cops pull up. She accused me of raping her and trying to kill her. I was arrested. I was released with a restraining order and told to never have any contact with her.

She lied about the entire thing. It was so apparent that she lied about the entire thing that the case was dismissed. I was told by the clerk of the court that about 80% of family violence cases are dismissed. I will put a foot note that in family violence court that the guy is guilty until proven innocent. I had to prove my innocence.

It took me then another several months to get to see my son...

So yea, all women lie.

Just a foot note: all illegal people in the US are granted legal status if they are victims of family violence. With out any recourse to lying to the courts, I know several illegal women here that have lied about family violence to get U.S. citizenship, including Rosalia. Too bad it didn't work for her.

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