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Comment Re:Mark Advertisements as Such (Score 1) 263

1. Interview Darl McBride and ask him what his deal is.
2. Interview rms on any number of subjects.
3. When a version of Unity or Gnome shell comes out, do a quick video demo of it followed by comments from someone on the dev team explaining the rationale, and also someone who hates it venting about how much it sucks.
4. Interview former senator Dodd about the future of copyright
5. Interview some scientists about the Higgs boson.
6. Interview Sergei Brin about privacy.
7. Robots fighting.
8. Bruce Schneier about TSA

These are all things that would be interesting, but for the most part video is not the appropriate format. For everything except 1 and 3 a transcript is a much better idea, it's faster, it's easier to skip the fluff and get to the good part, and Google can find it for future reference. For 3 a transcript with screenshots is going to be quite sufficient. 7 actually merits a video.

Comment Missing the Point (Score 1) 584

For most of human history our ability to care for the sick has been limited by knowledge. It was relatively easy to do everything we knew how to do. So we have this idea that we need to do everything possible to help people. The trouble is our medical knowledge has rapidly outpaced our ability to pay for it. We argue a lot about how to give everyone the best medical care, but that just isn't possible. What we need to do is decide how much of our wealth we want to spend on medical care and then worry about spending it well.
The Courts

Submission + - Supremes lift corporate election spending limits (

SnapShot writes: The logical conclusion of the insane idea that corporations are citizens, the five conservative supreme court justices have lifted campaign spending limits by corporations. On the plus side, at least the voting machine conspiracies will go away. Why would a corporation bother when it can just spend a few hundred million on the Congress that they want?

Comment Re:Coping with depression (Score 1) 439

I spent forty years listening to people like you. I went out, I socialized, met people, all that sort of thing. I never liked it. Everybody told me that I just needed practice and eventually I'd start to enjoy it. That never happened. I finally decided to ignore all that helpful advice and quit. Now I spend most of my time alone and I'm a much happier person.

The funny thing is that in all that time no one ever suggested that if I didn't enjoy social activities I shouldn't do them. For most people this seems to be inconceivable. So if you're a younger version of me and everyone is telling you to go out and practice your social skills just try taking a break. You may discover that you like it.

Comment This will never fly (Score 2, Insightful) 87

Why would any business want to use it? The bar that scans your drivers license gets some valuable information in the process. The porn site that asks for your credit card information to verify your age gets a credit card that they can use or sell. The bank that you ask for a loan gets all sorts of information, all of which it can sell or use to market itself. The current situation is bad for the customer, but the customer isn't the one who decides what verification system is used. None of this will change until large numbers of people refuse to do business with companies that demand more information than they need. And that's never going to happen.

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