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Comment Re:Android for consoles? (Score 1) 510

But that's not what they are doing. They are coming up with an OS that will work on most PC hardware. The OS can be downloaded by people savvy enough to install it on there own. The Steam box is for the "console" gamer who really like GameX that is only available on Steam. So they buy the box from Valve.

The question really becomes whether or not the game developers will actually follow Valve into Linux. If they do I can see some PC vendors offering a computer with the option of the SteamOS much like Dell has done from time to time with Ubuntu. Remember they can still sell the same hardware as a Windows machine so it's not like they are stuck with hardware that can only run SteamOS. What else could you have used 3DO hardware for at that time? I see this as much less risk. So it hasn't quite been done like this. But, I do see your point.

Comment Re:Bond or clowns (Score 1) 150

Oh great! Now I can't get those scenes from Octopussy out of my head. You know the opening when they chase the clown though the woods that has the Fabergé egg. Or the end when Bond, dressed as a clown, tries to convince a general that there is a nuclear bomb in the "cannon."


Submission + - 52 Ways to Cheat an Artist by Warner Records (

Hodejo1 writes: In 2007, James Taylor initiated an audit of his royalty payments dating back to 2004. In that three-year span, Taylor and his accounting firm, Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, LLC, found underpayments totaling $1,692,726. His label, Warner Brothers deftly accomplished this via 52 alleged ways all listed here. This includes such dubious tactics as applying royalty rates lower than the contract stipulates and charging manufacturing costs as 'recording costs' so they can be applied against royalties. Taylor's auditors also found a 'suspense account' at Warner Music that held an unspecified amount of Taylor's royalties. When pressed for its purpose, Warner denied the account existed, and declined to offer any details on which products or payments were included in this alleged account. As one reader posted on Digital Music News "Wow, what are the chances they didn't do exactly the same thing to all their artists?" Of course, labels still continue to claim they serve the artists when they call every new technical innovation in music theft.

Comment Re:Starting in 1998... (Score 1) 867

About the same time I started. Even bought the boxed version of Red Hat to have some extra docs to get me moving.....

Red Hat -> Fedora -> Suse -> ubuntu -> mint -> xubuntu.

Currently I have OS-X, Xubuntu, and Windows 7 up and running and did a Mint with Cinnamon on an old machine yesterday to take another look at where they are going with that.

Comment Re:It's not broken. (Score 1) 1154

I do it all the time for upgrades for my kids. I just use Mint or Ubuntu. Boot it up from the CD and use gparted to copy the partition from the old drive to the new one. You then only have to have windows "fix" the boot parameters. May not work as fast as the old DOS version of Ghost. But it sure is a hell of a lot easier.

Comment Re:Here is the Copy/Pasted Context, Please Show Me (Score 2, Informative) 503

Funny....I found it. How did you miss it?

Vel Hogan: Oh. We read. First off, before closing arguments was given, the judge read to us the final instructions, instruction by instruction. Then she allowed the closing arguments, then she dismissed us. And so we had those closing argue..., those ah, instructions and we had them open there and then we took patent by patent and got hung upon the first one but the day was almost over by then and so I said to the jury, *******>>>>>>>>>>>>"We're not going to allow ourselves to get hung up. We're going to, if we find a debate like this, we'll move on. We'll do the simplest things first.” So then when I came back the next day...

Comment Re:$99 (Score 1) 809

Or you could, you know, not allow the monopoly PC OS vendor to control the keys that allow the system to boot competing OS's.

Fedora/Redhat could create their own keys. But is was specifically states in the article that they didn't want to take advantage of their dominance (and then have you asking why only 2 major players can own the hardware) so they are going to let MS sign a bootloader stub.

Now I don't about you but if someone in my family buys a computer that isn't a Mac it *will* have windows on it and if they want something else or windows needs to be reinstalled I will have to do it. If I can trust them to even reinstall windows why would I ask them to turn off secure boot? If it came to the point that secure boot would need to be turned off I would be the one doing it.

I can accept what they are doing. More likely than not the other major Linux players will follow suit. Do you think any of the big players are going to try to work with getting their key on every piece of hardware if they can pay MS $99? From a business perspective it makes the most sense for a main stream distro. Smaller distros aren't the ones that a novice would try and therefore could just warn a potential user that disabling secure boot is required.

To this end I think we maybe putting the cart before the horse. Since this is not an official statement from Redhat or Fedora and we still cannot be 100% sure how all this will shake out in the end. It is just one possible scenario based on someone who claims to work for Redhat and work on the Fedora project. Might be best for all of us to just to take a deep breath and wait for something official.

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