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Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 267

The issue, as others have pointed out, is that the console and the games are perceived to be part of the "official" package by the general public. If you were permitted to market any game on their console, it could effect the overall perception of the brand in the marketplace; particularly if the public is confused about what is and what is not an officially sanctioned product.

For example, suppose that someone produced an M-rated game with adult content for the Nintendo Wii console and marketed the game as "Wii Wanker". Wouldn't that harm the family-friendly image that Nintendo has so carefully cultivated and protected? If it does, shouldn't Nintendo at the very least be compensated for you harming their brand?

I agree that one should be able to do what one wishes with one's own console, but there has to be some line drawn at marketing arbitrary games for a console brand owned by another. Nintendo has decided that it is cheaper to do this with some level of technical enforcement and legal action rather than through legal action alone. I can certainly understand where Nintendo is coming from on this one.

Theres no "marketing" involved with flashcarts, in no way are they ever portrayed as an officially sanctioned product, nor do they even sell their products in retail stores that sell official games Peoples perception of them as official products is not the responsibility of the flashcart manufacturer, unless they encourage that rumor, which they don't. In fact they usually go out of their way to state that they are not Official Products. (The outside box has a notice saying its not official, then a slip of paper in the box says it, the label of the flashcart itself, etc etc. as for "wii wanker", that's a different story, that's direct trademark infringement. But just an adult homebrew game would be fine and shouldn't get any legal action against them because that's not breaking any laws.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 5, Insightful) 267

win-win so far as I can see.

If this is done against the wishes of the console-maker, than you can claim, that they are "winning" too. However unreasonable their wishes may be, they ought to be respected, period. They created the product, they licensed their use to others (of whom nobody was unduly coerced into agreeing) on certain conditions.

You — or this judge — then coming around and saying, you know, we think, those conditions should be changed, and we are going to force you to change them, is just not how things ought to be done in a free society.

But its completely OK for a console maker to force me NOT to do things with something I outright purchased with my own hard earned money? Since when should their wishes be law?

Comment Re:i'm not paying $250 to buy books (Score 1) 542

PDF is a format designed to preserve the original page size and layout, while its certainly commonly (read: usually) used with no regards to those, it really really sucks at doing so. html based options like epub are much much better at having the content universally fitted and sized to the device in question. Also, PDF sucks for conversion to other formats as well.

I've been using a DS homebrew app called DSLibris for a while now, The DS is naturally shaped like a book when held sideways, and it certainly beats paying a lot of money for a dedicated device vs something I already have and use frequently. The top right corner page turning touch controls are also pretty nifty. It does currently lack a few features, like the ability to download/sync with books stored on my PC automatically, although it could easily be done given the DS' wifi functionality. And I'm not paying 250$ just to automate something that can be done fairly easily manually to begin with.

Comment Re:More to the point (Score 1) 296

It takes some getting used to, and you'll never be as good with a controller than with keyboard and mouse, but it's not as bad as many PC gamers pretend it is. Besides, lots of good FPS never make it to PCs.

For me, it is more horrible than you can imagine. Consoles need to just give up on strafing, it doesn't work well with a controller at all and just makes turning awkward, they will never turn that second josytick into a mouse. Also, consoles are made for TV's which you watch from a slight distance, which is fine for me for third person games, but for fps I like to be closer to the screen. I've yet to see a good console exclusive fps.

and extra content for the expandable ones.

The same applies to consoles.

Actually consoles are the ones getting more exclusive content these days, so I'm not quite sure where he was going with this. PC still wins at user created content tho. I know there's ways to get mods for some console games, but that's always been a PC niche and probably always will be. (this sucks for games I prefer on consoles that have active modding communities like GTA)

The PC update race is slowing somewhat, but on average, console hardware is still cheaper (although games tend to cost more).

Lots of people don't have HDTVs still, so choosing a console also means buying a new TV if they want to play at anything higher than 480p whereas they can play up to 1600x1200 on even older monitors. It doesn't help that most console games aren't even rendered at full HD anyway, scaling helps but still. I'm gonna agree with you on raw cost tho, however, comparable pc hardware gets cheaper the longer the console has been out, decent hardware putting the 360 to shame is less than half the cost of a 360 now. ---

Especially if you have to buy four PCs at once, one for each player. Online play doesn't help when your friends are visiting your house.

Directinput supports up to 64 controllers connected to the same PC. (you were going to play with a controller anyway since you favor consoles, right? ;)


Submission + - Xbox 360 Repairs Will Cost Microsoft $1B (

the company says it is planning to spend at least $1 billion to repair serious problems with its Xbox 360 video game console.

Microsoft declined to detail the problems that have caused an onslaught of "general hardware failures" in recent months but said Thursday it will extend the warranty on the consoles to three years."


Submission + - Holographic Into to Live Earth (

An anonymous reader writes: I didn't watch any of the Live Earth coverage myself, but I did happen upon something interesting this morning. Apparently, the introduction was via hologram. I've saw videos and its left me wondering how they pulled it off. Live Earth Coverage: 355189&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312 Holographic Intro:
The Internet

Submission + - Is Comcast cheating on net speed tests? 1

JimDaGeek writes: I recently moved to Columbia, SC where I have Time Warner as my cable ISP and pay for an 8 Mbps connection and have been very happy with the service, speed and reliability. In contrast I have heard bad things about Comcast, so now that I am up in the Philadelphia PA area visiting my parents, I decided to test out the speed and reliability. For the speed test I went to the Speakeasy speed teset.

To my surprise, here are the results:

New York, NY test: 18,946 kbps up, 1,578 down<br>
Washington, DC: 15,821 kbps up, 1,559 kbps down<br>
Atlanta, GA: 11,257 kbps up, 1,552 kbps down<br>
Chicago, IL: 10,042 kbps up, 1,556 kbps down<br>
San Francisco, CA: 4,230 kbps up, 1,521 kbps down
The San Francisco, CA numbers seem much closer to the rated speed of my fathers connection. So as someone who has never used Comcast until yesterday, what is going on? I know my father is not paying for 10+ Mbps connection. Is Comcast giving priority to popular speed test sites?

Submission + - has a new Linux unfriendly layout ( 1

Douglas Roberts writes: " unveiled their latest in what has been a series of re-invented layouts for their news site yesterday. The video content is now flash-based, and no longer works with Linux clients (Kubuntu Feisty 7.04, Firefox latest, Flash 9). Perhaps they need some viewer feedback.

— Doug"


Submission + - Bush Admits Imigration Bill is "Amnesty." (

SSonnentag writes: White House spokesman Tony Snow said President Bush "misspoke" Tuesday when he told a group, "You know, I've heard all the rhetoric — you've heard it, too — about how this is amnesty. Amnesty means that you've got to pay a price for having been here illegally, and this bill does that." See the video here:

Submission + - wikipedia 1

swell writes: " seems to be broken today
sorry, I don't know more"
The Internet

Submission + - Running on Windows Server 2008 (

1sockchuck writes: "Microsoft has begun using Windows Server 2008 (nee Longhorn) to run, Netcraft reports. Windows Server 2008 is still in beta and scheduled to be released later this year, but is now running on about 2,600 sites worldwide. Sites hosted on Windows often take their time to upgrade, as demonstrated by the more than 5 million sites still running on Windows 2000."

Submission + - Internal Microsoft Email about Life at Google (

Anonymous Coward writes: "An interesting perspective on Google, from an internal email sent around Microsoft. Basically an interview that provides analysis about how Google compares to Microsoft from an employee perspective. Included are suggestions for what Microsoft might copy in order to stay competitive in the job market and criticisms of Google's "college kid" atmosphere."

Submission + - TorrentSpy/ISOHunt to filter copyrighted content (

Jared writes: "It's a sad day for those in the US who use TorrentSpy or ISOHunt, two of the world's largest public trackers sites, to find movies, music, and more to download for it seems the party's nearing an end. TorrentSpy and ISOHunt plan to use a hash-based system called FileRights to automatically filter BitTorrent trackers that link to pirated content from its search results to help satisfy a suit brought against them by the MPAA for the illegal facilitation of copyrighted material. py+and+ISOHunt+Both+Plan+to+Start+Filtering+Copyri ghted+Content"

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