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Comment Oh look, welfare (Score 5, Interesting) 349

What do you call it when you collect additional money without performing additional work?

Does your boss continue to pay you for work he already paid you for years ago?
Can you bill your neighbor again for mowing his lawn years ago when he already paid you once?
Do manufacturers get to continue billing for parts that were manufactured and paid for years ago?
Does the waiter come to house and ask for another tip for the dinner you had months years ago?

Why is it IP owners are the only people that get to keep charging for a work they were already compensated for? I'm sorry but if you want to make more money you have to perform more work and get paid for that.

If it's illegal to effortlessly copy a work it should be illegal for everyone including the IP owners. Why should they make profit without performing additional work if no one else can? Stop demanding free handouts.

Comment One day (Score 1) 502

I imagine once day broadband infrastructure will catch up with streaming demands and when that happens, more and more gaming companies will look into adopting services similar to OnLives model. You may laugh now, but consider that such a service is a DRM lovers wet dream. No game resources are sent to the consumer, only the final output. If consumers are only sold a simple client and all the processing can be done on company property then sent to the consumer, it will give publishers total control over where and when consumers have access to their product. We all know this is what these companies want, so you can bet each one of the major console makers are at least looking into this model.

Comment Re:2011 in a nutshell: (Score 2) 304

Russians are on the street protesting. Americans are on the street protesting. Europeans are on the street protesting. The middle east is on the street protesting. Africa is on the street protesting. Dose anyone know a place where people are actually happy with their government?

Corruption Perceptions Index

Pick anyone that is high on the first list but not on the second list.

Granted everyone has their own sets of challenges to deal with.

Comment Re:Knew it (Score 2) 178

People ask me why I don't have a smart phone. Its because the majority of people just use them to play games or pass the time. Its more toy than a useful appliance. I make an occasional call or text with my old flip phone. Maybe a camera would be nice on occasion but I can count that number of times on one hand.

One comedian whose name escapes me had a great comment about the way people observe things now. They don't see things for themselves. They see things through the miniature screen on the phone instead of their own eyes.

Will I upgrade to a smart phone? Maybe eventually, but I'd rather have $200 in my pocket than a game system with poor phone capabilities.

Believe me I was the same way, up until a couple years ago all I used for a disposable phone that I loaded with prepay cards. Then I upgraded to a more expensive "semi-smart" phone that had a camera, web browser and google maps. It could only run java based apps so it was very limited in "apps". It was still extremely useful when my girlfriend and I went on vacation. It replaced our normal gps for navigation, It replaced my digital camera and took equally good photos. The web browser was useful for finding cheaper gas on gasbuddy,com and I could check my webmail.

I have an android phone now which has the same high usefulness and yes I loaded it with more games even though I hardly spend time on them. The only thing I would warn about is the 2 year contract, go over it very carefully, they can get you with an expensive plan and useless extra fees.

So I would say before going all out with an Android or iPhone try one of the $50-$75 prepaid phones that has a camera, web browser and maps application and see how much use you get out of it.

Comment Re:iPhone vs Android (Score 2) 178

The other day in another thread someone touted the "obvious" superiority of iPhone over Android. I called him on it, asking what would make the iPhone wrth its higher asking price. The only answer he could come up with was "app availability." (note, I was in a Sprint store yesterday triying to get my phone fixes, and it appeared some Androids cost more than iPhones, but that may have been part of the cantract, with the iPhone subsidized)

No, many of the latest Android phones cost the same as the latest iPhone. As for older models they may be cheaper, but they don't receive OS upgrades as often if at all.

It looks like he was trolling. But I am curious, guys, wht with this thread and all, which one has more apps? More important, which one has more apps that are actually useful? If iPhone has 2 million apps and Android has 1.5 million apps, but 1.5 million iPhone apps are all Angry Birds clones, the "iPhone has more apps" would be a red herring; they're not all useful.

Note that these numbers aren't real, they're only illustrations. I'd really like to know which platform is better, iPhone or Android? How well are each built (and I realize that Android's quality is probably all over the board, since there are many different manufacturers).

And does the difference between phone company crippling make the question of Apple vs Android moot?

I would say Apple probably has more higher quality apps but that's also because Apple has more pay-for apps. Android has more free apps that are ad supported or games that are free to play but try to sell you in game upgrades. I have noticed recently some of the bigger name mobile developers that were previously iOS only have started porting some of their products over to Android, probably as market share of Android slowly catches up.

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