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Comment For some products, it's impossible NOT to buy fake (Score 4, Insightful) 60

When I replaced the battery in my Nexus 4 a few years back, I was convinced that _everything_ available was a fake (despite them all touting their "ORIGINAL", "GENUINE", "OEM", etc. status).

I'd have paid 40$ or so for something from a clearly official source, but ended up having to settle for a 10$ China-shipped fake.

Comment Re:A simple proposition. (Score 1) 394

Start with _this_ math - take your average page views per day, multiply it by $.001 to find how much websites are making per day by making your web browsing experience miserable. It's a piddly number _even_ for a lowly intern making minimum wage.

Then absolutely yes think about other ways a site can generate that kind of revenue, 'cause they need to use them. Patreon comes to mind for a start.

Comment "Ethical Hacker"? (Score 1) 64

"The exploit was created by Todor Donev, member of a Bulgarian security research outfit called Ethical Hacker[...]"
"Donev did not report the vulnerability to D-Link and as far as he knows it is currently a zero-day[...]"

I don't think that word means what you think it means. :-/

Comment I know one guy who will never know... (Score 1) 267

When I was in high school my Biology 20 teacher found an old book in the library with various colour blindness test diagrams in it, and thought it would be fun to pass it around during class everyone could check it out.
On the the guys at the back of the class (you know the ones) cheated on it.

Comment Non-divisive "reality" competitions can be fun (Score 3, Interesting) 465

After being incredibly turned off by "reality" shows that contain no reality at all ("Dangerous Flights" is the most egregious example I've seen lately), I was totally absorbed by Penny Arcade's low-budget reality show offering of Strip Search last year. (The site is slightly misorganized, but you can find stuff if you try).

The show was a dozen web comic artists in competition. The premise of a single artist being funded and supported by Penny Arcade for a year was motivational, and the simple act of appearing in an episode granted even the entrants ousted first an audience for their work. While it was clear the producers provided for the possibility of backstabbing and conflict, they didn't go out of their way to insert any, and in the end the show was all the better for it. I'd actually put PA's Strip Search above 90% of professional, high-budget, high-production-values TV series.

My point being, it's totally possible to structure an interesting show where game dev competition is friendly and rewarding for all, and producers with zero-sum on the brain don't exist. It just hasn't been made yet, apparently.

Comment Re:STILL not accurate and STILL misquoted (Score 1) 182

And I built 1 system with an OCZ Petrol and it vaporized the partitions 6 months later, so that's 100%. I think luck had more to do with success than anything.

I actually _was_ surprised to get a replacement Vertex 4 fairly quickly, which reminds me I should open it and flash it while the firmwares are still easy to get.

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