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Comment Re:We wonder why. (Score 1) 233

Hate to burst your narrative, but Jordan doesn't have any significant oil reserves (and is a net oil importer):

Depending on how high the speculators drive up the price of oil, the oil shales may or may not become worthwhile to exploit (which will require billions of dollars of additional investment, and probably a decade or two).

Comment Re:Mix attitude (Score 4, Interesting) 233

The (extended) interview with the Jordanian UN Ambassador, Prince Zeid Ra'ad was also quite good (and hilarious):

Or if you're Canadian, like me:

Abdullah was supposed to show up again to promote his book, but given the situation in the Middle East, he sent the Ambassador instead. Interestingly enough, he's a Pretender to the Throne of Iraq--if they ever brought back the monarchy, I think they could do quite a bit worse than him:'ad

Let me preface what I'm about to say by saying that from everything I've read and seen, and with the comparative openness of Jordan and Jordanian society, I think King Abdullah (and King Hussein before him) is a good man and leader, and in no way compares to some of the people that follow. I think many foreign dignitaries come off quite well on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report (like Pakistani ex-president Pervez Musharraf, and former Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak)--it's their opportunity to present themselves to a good portion of the American public (and given the international distribution, probably a not-insignificant amount of viewers throughout the western world). I have a feeling that were Asma (Emma) and/or Bashar al-Assad ever to go on, they'd probably be similarly charming and well-spoken. During World War II, Joseph Stalin cultivated the image of Uncle Joe in Allied countries.

All that said, Jordan hasn't launched invasions of its neighbours, there don't seem to be mass-graves or concentration camps in Jordan, there haven't been brutal and bloody crackdowns (as in Libya or Syria), and Jordan is open enough to the rest of the world that we'd probably be able to tell.

Comment Re:All of them great (Score 1) 185

You learn something new every day! LED as (probably not great, but acceptable) light sensor. Heck, looks like there's even a Wikipedia page on it.

Sucks that a lot of the lower-wavelength (blues, greens, whites) have such a high forward voltage, and really low reverse voltage tolerance.

Maybe use one of these to charge up the internal A/D and sample briefly?

Comment Re:if I may jihack (Score 1) 281

For that price, you're looking at quite used (and possibly of questionable calibration / shape--or from someone offering a family / friends discount). But if you're a hobbyist, you could always build your own using a computer, a microcontroller with an A/D and a serial / USB interface, and a graphics package. I believe you may also be able to find some USB-based ones that are basically what I described previously in the back of Circuit Cellar or some such.

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