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Comment Netflix DOES pay... (Score 1) 343

You would think that a company that runs a nationwide communications network would like how the Internet works.

Do they think Netflix gets all of its bandwidth for free? Do they think that Netflix walks in to a data center and says "Hey, we want 2Gbps of uplink speed, and we dont want to pay for it". Do business customers come to comcast and say "I want 1Gbps of Metro Optical Ethernet uplink speed; and I donâ(TM)t want to pay for it". I think not.

the reason Comcast does not get money from Netflix, is because Comcast gets money from the people that want to use netflix. This is how the Internet has worked since the good old dialup modem days.

Of course the dialup modem days where the days when competition existed in the consumer Internet user marketplace. Now days all the consumer has to choose from is 30Mbps from Comcast or 7Mbps from a phone company. If a company offered the same level of service/speeds as Comcast but could stream Netflix and Amazon Instant Video better; Comcast would have an incentive to operate on a even playing field.

Comment Re:Fuck those greedy bastards. (Score 1) 510

Umm, nice try. Take a look at the law that is referenced in this post.
Chapter 90, section 1 (definitions):
Motor vehicles, all vehicles constructed and designed for propulsion by power other than muscular power including such vehicles when pulled or towed by another motor vehicle, except railroad and railway cars, vehicles operated by the system known as trolley motor....

Comment Shocked.... (Score 1) 98

Man, after all of Sun's customers got screwed by Oracle buying them I cant believe people are still investing in Sparc hardware. Sun''s marketshare has gone from 16% in q1-2008 to 4.7% in q1-2012 as HP, IBM and Dell's marketshare have increased. With declines like that; its only a matter of time before Oracle turns away the rest of their server customers by killing off Sparc an Solaris.

Comment The ITC's mission (Score 1) 200

The mission of the ITC is to "serve the public by implementing U.S. law and contributing to the development of sound and informed U.S. trade policy"

Exactly how is banning a good chunk of mobile phones from entering the country (HTC and Motorola, and making insane decisions "developing sound and informed trade policy"?
I am just waiting for samsung devices to be banned too.

Comment Text rates may apply (Score 1) 194

Thank you for contacting 911. Standard text message charges may apply from your wireless provider, depending on your text message plan. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, then there would be no additional charge. 911 is not responsible for any fees charged by your wireless provider. If you wish to continue to send notifications to 911, please reply with CONTINUE. At any time you may discontinue 911 text services by sending STOP to 911.

Comment Not a SINGLE shift in streaming+dvd customers? (Score 2) 349

I find it quite interesting in the netflix prediction:
Prior to model change:
Streaming only: 10,0m customers
Streaming+DVD: 12.0m customers
DVD Only: 3.0m customers

Post-implementation of the new pricing model, Netflix expects the customer base break-out to be:
Streaming only: 9.8m customers
Streaming+DVD: 12.0m customers
DVD only: 2.2m customers

So let me get this straight - the price for streaming+dvd is at least doubling - and Netflix is not expecting that customer count to go down at all. Instead, they are expecting a net loss on the two plans they are creating to make things better - instead of a net loss on on the plan that is going up 100% for many customers.

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