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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 4, Interesting) 317

Climate Change is not a religious issue for those who "deny" it. (The other side, arguably yes...) You're confusing it with Evolution.

But interestingly, the "reasoning" and rhetoric of global warming denial is almost identical to that of evolution denial.

E.g., both promote the notion that they are up against a global conspiracy of scientists.

Comment Only the proprietors know the details. That's bad. (Score 1) 107

This sounds like another instance of proprietary malware to add to the list. And nobody should trust a proprietor to "roll back" their malware (just as some of the Twitter.com followups suggest), regardless of whether they say this was a mistake. There's no reason to trust unvettable, uncorrectable, unsharable code and there's no reason why people should have to live with months-old backdoors while the only programmers allowed to inspect or fix the code apparently don't fix that code.

Comment And the concept of extradition is well established (Score 1) 125

Happens all the time. If a person commits a crime against country A and they are in country B, country A may well ask country B to hand them over. If it happens or the details of it vary based off of the specific countries and their treaties, called extradition treaties. For example the US and North Korea? Ya not happening. There are no extradition treaties between those two, and the governments hate each other. so nobody is getting handed over. However EU nations? Extremely strong extradition treaties. If you commit a crime against Germany from France, Germany will have France arrest you and ship you over to stand trial.

The majority of nations have extradition treaties of some level with each other since they don't want criminals able to run off and hide from justice. It has been a thing for a long time.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 195

There is no defense against a DDoS except bandwidth

Sure there are.
- intelligent routing of the inbound traffic
- intelligent handling and dropping of the inbound traffic
- controlled service degradation
- legal action
- the criminal justice system
- a B2 bomber improving its fuel efficiency by discarding excess baggage on the Cypriot dacha of the cunt behind it

I'm not even a security or network expert so I'm sure I've missed a few.

Comment Re:Hillary's a witch! Burn her! (Score 1) 838

Given the behaviour of feminists and the constant attacks on men in education, the justice system, the civil courts and particularly online can you really blame men for not wanting to vote for Clinton, an acknowledged feminist?

the poor oppressed white guys

Oh, how witty. Your attempted sarcasm is however merely ironic:

Sure, that's the UK not the US. But your casual sexist racism shines through anywhere.

Comment Re:So Palmer supports a fascist demagogue. (Score 1) 838

Sorry, at which point in that quote did Trump say he would use nuclear weapons?

Do you have any actual quotes that can't be easily dismissed as "pretty much the only thing any serious presidential candidate could say without either lying or removing the US nuclear defence" ?

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