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Comment Re:Wait (Score 1) 244

Owwww.... That burns dude. The shop I work for is currently revamping the SS8 "Control UI" and I'm the contract I'm personally working on is a neat little app for "parents" to "monitor" their "child" for BlackBerry and Android.

Blaming the developer is not the solution nor the right thing to do. Carriers have decided to install this CIQ app, carriers have decided to obfuscate the CIQ UI, carriers are to blame.

Without CIQ, something else would be used, regardless.

Comment Re:Read a comment by a US naval commander (Score 0) 1319

Fatalism is actually much more common in atheists, shit happens and there's no will or plan or logic behind it, nobody to influence. No matter what you say or think or do, there's illnesses and injuries that could snuff you out of existence just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your life is just a dice throw and you better hope it's a good one. It's just that instead of somebody controlling the dice, there's nobody controlling the dice.

I wouldn't say that. Fatalism is more about giving up control, that simply being accepting of reality. You only become atheist by caring enough to discard religion. Keeping your religion because 'God' is in control is much more fatalist in my opinion.

Comment Re:Is software "engineering" really engineering? (Score 0) 306

On of the reason I love Quebec (in Canada):

Engineer is a reserved title, which makes it illegal for people not part of the "Ordre des ingenieurs du Quebec" to call themselves engineers.

You should have seen a couple years ago with the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification... Hahahaha!


ps.: To be part of the Order in Quebec, you need a 4-year (would be 5-years in USA) university degree in engineering.

Comment Re:Please don't make generalisations (Score 0) 890

You know, that is the point exactly!

Going around believing in anything is not a good thing!

Most people will agree: NOT believing in monsters under the bed is a good thing. NOT believing in aliens making crop circle and abducting hapless farmers is also a good thing.

From the complete possible spectrum of imaginary thing to believe randomly in, you must agree that it's better not to believe. Believing that humans only have one eye is not exactly sane now is it?

Shared hallucination is still hallucination, same goes for religion: if yours is true, then millions are wrong in theirs. Not believing is simply saying no to desert after a meal: I am satisfied with my meal (life), I don't need a sugary high (religion) to enjoy it more!

Plainly, not choosing a religion is like not choosing a drug: marijuana might be better than heroin, it's still worst than no drug at all.

Comment Re:Please don't make generalisations (Score 0) 890

From my point of view, all religions have at least one crucial bad point :

A religion is absolute. If you believe, your religion is the only truth. Therefore, all other religions are just... well not true.

If you have a child, you want the best for him/her. Since you know the truth, you will want him to know it too. As soon as possible.

That means making him learn the truth, as told by authority (from parent, teacher, bible, priest) and convincing him that since those things were told to him by authority, no logic and/or proof is needed. For without bibles or priests, knowing Jesus, Abraham and other is kinda hard.

That child will grow up with the attitude that reality is only applicable if there is not contradiction with whatever some authority tells him. And of course, there is now authority, with bible proof, for everything: to hate gays and to love gays, pro-war and anti-war, pro-choice and pro-life; you just have to choose what you want to be real and find the right religious authority to confirm it for you.

If you, right now, think that it's sad that those small children in Islamic countries are being brainwashed with obvious Islamic drivel and taught lies and falsehood, just imagine that for atheists, we only go one religion further that you. (Replace Islamic with the religion you are not part of of you choice)

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