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Comment Re:Or an economic drain? (Score 2) 595

Solo mining has been shown to be marginal once you take into account depreciation of your computer. But sure, assuming that you have spare GPU cycles with your rig and it's just sitting there powered-up then why not have it generate some coin. But your talking about making ~$0.75/day in revenue, and running the algorithm will increase your electricity costs.

Bitcoin mining, like real mining, only really becomes profitable when you have economies of scale. So you need more rigs dedicated to mining for bitcoins. Maintenance/repairs, labour and rent start to come into the picture then (assuming you buy the rigs yourself). This is what I was referring to.

Comment Re:Or an economic drain? (Score 1) 595

That's not a profit margin though. That's one of the variable costs going into your operation. Add in any other variable costs and your overhead (not to mention your CAPEX), factor in the ridiculous variability in the bitcoin prices and pretty soon it's hard to see why anyone would seriously consider bitcoin mining for profit unless they have (free) access to many idle machines.

Comment Re:Soooo (Score 1) 982

Pedophilia? Bespeaks a permanent scumbag the rest of us have zero reason to care about. Time doesn't change everyone.

Pedophilia by itself is not a crime; it's a mental illness. And treating pedophiles as criminals even though when they've never broken the law means they are less inclined to seek professional help for their problem. Like you say, time doesn't change everyone, but treatment may mean that they're less likely to every act on their impulses.

And for the record, IANAP.

Comment Re:FUCK ARTISTS (Score 1) 685

Your right, that is what I meant by pirated material.

Your analogy is more fitting but I wanted to keep the context based on the real world, as the parent tried to do.

On a side note, although IANASL, I don't think tpb have done anything legally wrong. Technological advances require industry to adapt or perish, and it's easy enough to see which is happening to the RIAA/MPAA.

Comment Re:FUCK ARTISTS (Score 1) 685

Your comparison would be more apt if H&K or Smith&Wesson made guns that were predominantly used to kill people, as the torrents indexed on TPB are predominantly for pirated material. Damn it, see what you've done? Now it looks like I'm defending gun manufacturers and opposing TBP in the same sentence!

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