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Comment Another clueless tech writer (Score 0) 105

"It's hard to imagine Apple turning away tried and true technology that's found in a more popular browser..." reports The Next Web

Nope, sorry The Next Web, you must be new here.

It's not hard to imagine Apple turning away popular technology at all. They have done so repeatedly throughout their history. Walled garden anyone?

Comment Re:This is a gift... (Score 1) 421

It's best that the docs went public. If the docs were sent to Trump privately, when Trump calls out their propaganda narrative, the media will spin it like a conspiracy theory. Hillary will of course deny anything Trump says to bolster the media stories. Low information people won't know who to believe and the 24 hour news cycle repeats itself.

Having the documents public shows everyone how specious and premeditated the attacks against Trump are. The media already prints an endless stream of garbage so the playbook will instantly be spun as "old news." Having the donor lists released will be a much bigger deal.

Comment Re:So? (Score 0) 751

Your continual linking to politifact either shows that you are low information or suffering from left wing confirmation bias. It's well known that politifact is a front website for a leftwing newspaper set up similar to the way Media Matters is searching for "truth" in journalism.

Politifact's misrepresentations are well documented. http://www.politifactbias.com/

Comment Re: So? (Score -1, Troll) 751

Mexico could become a better place today if they wanted to. They obviously don't. Building the wall will force their hand at cleaning up their own problems because they won't be able to send their overflow north. The wall is a brilliant solution on many levels. The $30bn (one time) is chump change compared to our GDP. Our annual trade imbalance with Mexico alone is nearly double that.

It's time America puts its own interests first. This scares a lot of foreign leaders because Trump can't be bought like the other clowns still in the race.

Comment Is the US CIO that naive? (Score 1) 371

Hillary's business requirement was avoiding scrutiny and FOIA requests.

She got away with it for several years after leaving office too. It wasn't until researchers started asking judges why all of the secretary of state emails were missing.

So now Hillary treats it like a case of bad press stories... so she still might technically get away with it. Loretta Lynch/Obama have "discretion" over whether this gets referred to the legal system.

Most regular citizens are dumbfounded at the level of corruption and criminality. Hillary is counting on the public to get corruption fatigue by using redirection and the "everyone is doing it" defense.

Comment Re:Free as in money (Score 1) 197

It wasn't a waste of time because at the time, the de facto version control system was CVS. Or in the case of the kernel, finding patches thru the mailing list archives. (no VCS)

Subversion was brand new and trying to jockey for kernel acceptance. Practically nobody could wrap their brain around the concept of a fully distributed VCS. Many claimed it couldn't be done.

McVoy had the ear of Linus and implemented what Linus wanted to a large degree. If not for the commercial aspirations of McVoy, we'd all happily be using BitBucket. Git never would have been written.

So love him or hate him, Larry McVoy has played a crucial role in advancing VCS technology.

Comment Re:duh (Score 1) 532

A terminal isn't much good when the operating system is built on a bunch of blackbox utilities.

They give you this weird "SystemStarter" bullshit instead of sysvinit. And the utilities like ps are dumb (no -ef option). GNU solved all of these core utility problems.

Being on a mac is like returning to a 1980s unix environment mixed with propriety registries.

Comment Re:One of those infidels... (Score 1) 532

Not even close. I choose windows if those are my only two options.

I despise os x. I worked at a university for a year which was really proud to give me a brand new macbook pro. I hated it every day.

Take the basic task of editing a web file. I have my editor (vim) open in one window and the browser in another. I click a link on the browser and while it's loading, switch to typing in my editor. I see another link that I want after the page loads and click on it. In windows and linux, the link loads. In osx, the browser comes to the foreground and does abso-fucking-nothing!!! Literally the most frustrating and concentration breaking thing. And it happens all fucking day long. Let's not talk about the lackluster command line environment, no GNU tools out of the box, ugly system fonts, non-standard filesystem structure, weird case rules, single menu bar away from the app window, backwards control/alt keys, hidden virtual files (iphotos library) etc.

A mac might be fine accessory for an ipod owner who doesn't know anything. But it is a serious obstruction for anyone who needs to do real work.

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