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Comment Re:Something stinks (Score 0) 381

Well, then, I suppose you're also going to contradict me that what I hear and read in the news, about not only voters but members of Congress not being terribly happy, is just 'fake news'

If you are getting your "news" from the same sources who said Hillary had a 98% chance of winning, what do you expect?

When you don't balance your liberal news sources with a conservative view like Breitbart, you're not getting the whole picture.

Right now it sounds like you live in a special "Pauline Kael" kind of world where you don't know anyone happy with President Trump.

Comment Re:I almost believed in WordPress (Score 1) 119

You should only put the theme and any plugins you wrote under source control. There's no reason to track the parts out of your control.

It also used to be the case that if the auto-updater detected source control on core, it would disable auto-updates.(manual updates initiated from the dashboard still can happen)

Comment I almost believed in WordPress (Score 5, Interesting) 119

I subcontract with marketing companies so I work with some aspect of WordPress development on a daily basis. The standard groupthink from WordPress evangelists is that the security problems are behind us -- that WordPress core hasn't had a serious vulnerability in years, core has a review process, blame your out of date installations and inexperienced plugin developers.

For those not in the know, the REST API is something new to wordpress. Developers could get early access thru a plugin, but the API now comes included with WP4.7. There is so much buzz and excitement, even among wordpress people who have no idea what REST really is, few people questioned it because this meant WordPress can now take over the world.

I for one questioned it. When I saw REST enabled in 4.7 without a control to disable it my literal reaction was "Are you FUCKING kidding me???" I have experience in security. I understand attack surfaces. I have seen what a fiasco xmlrpc.php attacks are to wordpress. And these idiots open REST APIs to the internet by default? Jesus fucking Christ, I really don't think Matt Mullenweg or any of the other idiots running the WordPress show have any ability to learn from history.

Sadly, there is no evidence of other CMS's surpassing WP in popularity. You should get used to WordPress continuing to be the sendmail of php apps.

Comment Trump hasn't even taken office yet (Score 0) 110

The problem of living in an insular part of the country is that you lose touch with the other half. When the Mozilla board of directors runs the foundation like their pet political project they are guaranteed to stay a tiny niche product. That's not very healthy when people get you depend on volume for your ad revenue.

Some people will never learn. They will think the "racists" ruined their ivory tower.

Comment Another clueless tech writer (Score 0) 105

"It's hard to imagine Apple turning away tried and true technology that's found in a more popular browser..." reports The Next Web

Nope, sorry The Next Web, you must be new here.

It's not hard to imagine Apple turning away popular technology at all. They have done so repeatedly throughout their history. Walled garden anyone?

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