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Comment Comcast's call centers are a mess (Score 1) 223

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
On a side note I think I may have handled one of your calls, defiantly handled a few with missing $50 cards.
I was a contractor in modem support nothing I could do but forward to the Tier agents with mandated minimal communication (though that rule has since changed). Let me tell you those Tier agents are not the best and brightest out there but generally speaking anything beyond basic account operations required an esoteric form hidden somewhere in a maze of "Interactive Troubleshooting Guides", my guess is that after giving up they probably just chucked the card request in the comments and flagged the ticket for further review, rinse repeat until somebody who knows what's going on gets served your call and there you go.

Comment Re:Not sure about this. (Score 4, Interesting) 195

To me the first thing this case really hinges on is Jurisdiction and Venue, this is a Pakistani citizen living in Pakistan running a company in Pakistan.
The DOJ is basing their claim of American on this is the Amazon Cloud based webpage selling this stuff.
In reality this is a Publicity stunt through and through.

Comment Re:painted into a corner... (Score 1) 403

I'm in a theatre for two hours, you need to entertain me, outsmart me and give me something to think about for a long time after.

And that's what Abrams has shown in his film work to not be able to do, What he CAN do however is give you allot to SPECULATE on, What is the monster, Who is Walter, Why does Riverside Iowa look like southern California, Where is this island supposed to be, When is this going to end.

Submission + - Mother Calls for End to Tumblr 'Suicide Blogs' Following Daughter's Death (ibtimes.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: The mother of a teenage girl who committed suicide has said more action needs to be taken to stop vulnerable people viewing self-harm or 'suicide blogs' online.

Sarah Wilson, whose 15-year-old daughter Tallulah died after being hit by a train, said she felt she was unable to help her daughter after she had fallen into the "clutches of a toxic digital world". An inquest into the teenager's death said Tallulah, from West Hampstead, north west London, died after she had an argument with her mother when she deleted her Tumblr account, where she would post pictures of her self-harming.

Submission + - Why Whistleblowers Cannot Get a Fair Trial (wsj.com)

phantomfive writes: "Seven whistleblowers have been prosecuted under the Obama administration," writes Jesselyn Radack, a lawyer who advised two of them. She explains why they can't get a fair trial. In the Thomas Drake case, the administration retroactively marked documents as classified, saying, "he knew they should have been classified." In the Bradley Manning case, the jury wasn't allowed to see what information was leaked. The defendants, all who have been charged with espionage, have limited access to court documents. Most of these problems happen because the law was written to deal with traitorous spies, not whistleblowers.

Comment You seem to have it wrong (Score 4, Informative) 465

Not law enforcement or tax men but Hair dressers, middle managers, business men who spout nothing but buzz words in other words idiots.
Idiots who adopted the leaf as a form of currency and then set about preventing inflation by burning down the forests around them.
The only group that was exiled inappropriately were the janitors, Telephone sanitizers to be specific..
Also the leftovers did not form a civilization they went feral breeding with the native cavemen and leaving no trace in the fossil record of their base civilization and ultimately corrupting the program of the biocomputer Earth.
Go through the source material more than once before you make claims about the political meanings of science fiction.

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