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Comment Not worth it for me (IT Analyst) (Score 1) 330

For me this is something I've already internalized and decided on: As much "fun" it would be, and nice in terms of self-worth, and all those happy feelings, there's basically zero benefit to a master's degree in my field at this stage (or any) in my career.

I entered in with my Bachelor's as a code monkey, got as far as that could take me, and now I've transitioned into the all too common analyst/PM role after only 3-4 years total in the business. In particular with the company I work at, most of the day to day stuff is outsourced anyway.

I've considered going back to school to get my MBA, as that has actual potential real world value, but the long and short of it is, once you're in the industry, you can get by a lot further with (1) Basic people skills (2) Actually doing your job well (3) Knowing your corporate system and exploiting/adapting to it (See #1 again)

Comment DLC is not a new concept (Score 1) 261

DLC is software's version of "(non)value add".

This has been in existence ever since the first car dealership thought up undercoating, ever since mcdonalds realized it could sell you a toy car or a carton of pies with your hamburger. Basically, as long as commerce has existed, there's been the concept of accessories, addons, or in this case, "downloadable content".

DLC, much like any other addon, falls into one of two categories:

1) Crap
2) Not crap

Obviously, if the DLC is crap, no one buys it, and we move on all the happier. You really don't need that trucoat, it turns out.

It seems that most people have a problem with the "legit" DLC. Everyone would love that sweet new song pack, that awesome new armor, the goggles that yes, in fact, do something. So why are these bastard companies screwing us over? By golly, we want our new content and we want it for free! Obviously the solution is simple. Make all the crap DLC cost something, and no one will buy it. Make all the awesome, totally radical DLC free and/or baked into the core product, and everyone is happy!

This seems to be the sentiment of every DLC complainer. The truth of the matter though is, one gamer's trash is another gamer's treasure. It's far more economical to the developers, and really, the gamers too, to sell a "watered down" core product at $40 and tack on a bunch of $5-10 packs that give you specific content. I spent $50 on rock band, that was great. I spent another $8-12 on a few more songs from bands that I really, really, really liked.

If you took all the DLC out there for rock band (Which in this case is effing impossible, as there are TONS of song packs now), you'd be looking at a $200 product, and then EVERYONE who buys the core product is stuck with the the "Harmonica Hero Song Pack 4 Collection", which I'm sure EVERY consumer is interested in.

Yes, some companies like to gouge stupid customers, and some customers are stupid enough to pay $20 for a different coloured cape. At the end of the day - I say let them. People went crazy when blizzard started selling $25 mounts - almost 2 entire months of game time worth of cost for what amounted to recoloured pixels of existing models. People lost their shit. Really - who cares? Is it effecting you if 10, 20, 100,000 other people want to fork over money for silly rewards? Let them have it. At the end of the day, almost all of the games we play are equally silly. If you enjoy something and want to pay for it, then do it. If you don't, don't.

Comment Re:Even scamming is a business (Score 3, Insightful) 106

The best way to increase profit is by reducing cost.

I know this is verging on off topic, but I have to disagree with this completely. This reminds me of the corporate tactics of today. Surely if we aren't spending money, we'll make tons of money!

The only way this strategy ever works is when you are guaranteed to have maxed out on every single opportunity for growth, be it "vertical", "organic", "synergized" or otherwise. Cutting cost isn't always the best way to increase profit, its simply the easiest because it doesn't require any thought other than "get rid of that".

Sorry. Off topic but I see this so often at my company that every time I see it elsewhere I rage.

Comment Hope for humanity (Score 1) 352

I'm not sure I feel that same sense of hope when we have someone teaching at a higher level institution who leaves ten years of his work up to chance.

He's "lucky" it was stolen. There's a lot more things that can happen to a laptop that can render its data unrecoverable.

Maybe he'll learn his lesson and store his data in more than one place, lest he become devastated once more.

Kudos to the thief, though.

Comment Re:This is second place (Score 1) 1260

Its far lower than second place, in my mind.

The monty hall problem has significant and reasonable applications - the understanding and application of the theory behind solving the problem can be, at worst, useful on a game show, and at best applied to hundreds of other similar situations.

Proving, understanding, debating that 0.999... = 1? Okay, great, now what?

I can't see how (dis)agreeing with this theory is going to impact me in any way, shape or form. MAYBE i can make jokes about static const ONE = 0.9999999 on TheDailyWTF now, but that's about it....

Comment Re:Practical Applications? (Score 1) 313

That's a good point - I was aware that it was primarily with red and green (and apparently yellow/blue as well? Had that come up in a UI with one of my users and he goes "I can't see the highlights!").

I guess I forgot to think about the fact that it's a limited amount of colours, and the fact that it'd just show up as....what it looks like today, which is monochrome.

Comment Practical Applications? (Score 2, Insightful) 313

I'm not trying to be overly critical - maybe a tad skeptical.

This is definitely *cool*. What's the point in this, though? I'm a programmer/developer, but I've never been a hardcore "programmer" or user of calculators. As long as I can do some basic graphing and standard 4-function stuff, most calculators make me super happy.

The first immediate con I can see of this is...usability. If I'm colourblind - I'm not going to be very thrilled about this.

The first immediate pro I can see of this is.....help me out here.

Sure, this is cool, but why do I want to pay $130 for a color model when I can get a standard monochrome one for $50ish?

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