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Prince Says Internet Is Over 450

the_arrow writes "According to the artist currently known as Prince, 'The internet's completely over.' At least that what he says in an interview with the British newspaper Mirror. Quoting Prince: 'The internet's like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you.'"

Comment Why single stage? (Score 1) 185

Why only use the solar sail? Use the sail to get up to speed, then disengage it and switch over to using a Bussard ramjet. Use of the ramjet should provide ample power for guidance corrections using a vectored thrust system.

Of course, the article may be leaving out a point like using gravity boosts for the sail on its way out, in which case a thousand kilometers would be a very drastic course deviance.

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