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Submission + - Nerd aid for East Afrika - give your nerdy amount (

NWprobe writes: A Norwegian IT nerd started a "Nerd Aid" for the hunger crisis in East Africa. It's organized through the Norwegian Red Cross website. Nerds started giving cool amount like 403 — service denied or 1337. One company gave $C000. The goal of 1M Norwegian kroner is achieved, but feel free to give your favorite nerdy amount for a good cause. Twitter hashtag is #nerdaid.

Erlend Schei who started the trend writes this:
"nerd Aid
I work in IT / media. I have good advice and good network. I am seldom afraid or hungry, and are largely spared from the pain of the world.
The last time I'm reminded of how far my life is from others. Heart torn when I see photographs of famine in Africa.
My small contribution is money to the Red Cross. My hope is that I can pull with me some of my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others with in my network.
I hope that you will be helping, often by giving the money if you can, but not least by spreading the word.
Please hashtag'en # nerdaid and link — maybe we can create a small "thing" that makes a difference!
Can we get 5000 throughout our network to provide 200 kroner, we have managed a million. Whatever saves every krone children from dying."

Comment Re:SMTP police? (Score 1) 133

Stopped working with IT years ago. No time to write RFC's. Always wondered why nobody fixes email instead of creating more and more advanced filters. Fix the problem, not the symptom.
The basic layout is simple. Maybe so obvious that someone has a patent on it....

Comment SMTP police? (Score 1) 133

Email is SMTP. There is no practically way to police it like the article describes. The author simply doesn't know how email works. What we need is a new message standard. An Advanced Mail Transfer Protocol. It should include:
1. Encryption system where mail server publish the public keys. Mail server can also hold the recipient private key. This way an email can easily be signed. My server can check signature to see if the mail really comes from whoever says is the sender.

2. Approved senders AKA friends request. On many social media sites you have the option to only get contacted by those in your contact list. Email should work like this to. I should be able to lock my email account from getting mail from anyone I haven't approved.

This could be implemented with backward compatibility with regular SMTP. All regular unsigned SMTP mail will just be marked as just that. Simple and untrusted. As the net upgrades to AMTP2 there will be a point where the majority is over on the new protocol and spam as we know it will die.

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