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Journal Journal: Yeah i hate iTunes...

Yeah, it's a piece of shit...I have regular backups once a week. Back up My Documents, email etc. The error that i mentioned on my big drive in that last entry? Yeah, just 'happened' to be right square in the middle of My Documents, took out my iTUnes Library. No music gone, just the damned XML file that tells iTunes all taht juicy information that make it and iPods so slick. *thought* i had lost all my playlists, play counts, ratings, etc. Well from my weekly backups i recovered my ratings, at week-old play counts, which have chnaged a lot, but oh, beggers and choosers. I THOUGHT i had my playlists back too. But only the files were there. The lists themselves were empty, which i dont' understand. I'd really like to have them back. ANybody reading this with any ideas please email me and help me out! EDIT: well i recovered supposedly had made a 'damaged' copy of it inside My Documents, i didn't notice it until after i posted that in frustration. resorted that file, got all my playlists, play counts, etc back! Wonderful!

Journal Journal: Windows Windows EVERYWHERE!

Well i became fed up with Windows XP increasingly over the past few months, ever since SP2 came out and seriously fucked up my comfortable little world. Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING was running like a top. I could play HALO whenever i wanted, i had bookoos of MP3s to listen to, i had over 420GB of storage to fill up. Then SP2. No more HALO, even after the hotfix was released. Programs ran on a sketchy basis, sometimes they would, mostly they didn't. So i decided something musta gotten messed up during the upgrade, i'd just start fresh. FRESH install of XP, installed SP2, still had crashes, random program glitches that weren't there before still no gaming, and no happiness. Also no sleep. After doing it once more, installing SP2, I left that install alone, used ParitionMagic and made a 7GB partition, installed XP, with just SP1 that i had on the security update CD released in Feb. That install ran everything like a champ. Decided that Sp2 was the problem, formatted the whole disk again, put a fresh install of XP, plus the SP2 blocker, and Service pack one, plus misc updates. Still had problems. Reformatted again, left it at XPSP1 with no other updates. Running a firewall locked down tight, weekly scans of Adware, and McAfee updated fully, doing a scan every other evening. When i reformatted this time i made 4 10GB partitions and a 20GB (60GB main drive). Dusted off a copy of Win2000 tonight to see how i like using it. hadn't used it in a while, had a copy for nostalgia's sake, figured i'd try. I love how much faster than Xp it runs, but the old interface has got me down. WindowBlinds doens't even fully skin it as promised. Oh well.

Through this whole ordeal, my 200GB Western Dig drive has been reporting various errors, from corrupted MP3s to corrupted documents. not very excited about this new item. Got almost 140GB of shit on there, i'm not about to lose it...well maybe i am, but i'm backing up as much as possible to my 160 Samsung (for $80, thanks newegg!) asap. running chkdsk on it from Win2000 now.

Another night without sleep...I swear i'm buying a Mac this summer.
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Journal Journal: Took a mouse to campus today...

The little logitech laptop mouse i usually keep teathered to my laptop, with it's cord that wraps around teh body and USB plug that snaps in place over top of the optical sensor. Really nice deal from newegg for the 14 bucks i gave for it. Anyway, I took it to campus today as an experiment. Here at Purdue there are several labs containing macs, all of them using the standard mac keyboard/mice that are really starting to show their age. some of those keyboards are getting downright disgusting. The color hides NO dirt at all. The 'gliders' on the mice (what i call'em, don't know the tech-term for them) are covered in months of dirt, and make minute movements difficult. Hence taking my mouse to campus... while toting a keyboard isn't feasible, the small, portable mouse, which is still more comfortable to use than the apple oval-puck deal, has 2 buttons and a clickable scroll wheel, really, REALLY completed my mac experience. I never really felt comfortable sitting in front of one, even though i'm getting quite fluent in them as far as daily use and some of the more advanced stuff. Call it attachment, fear of a better world, whatever, but it just completed the comfort. Granted it was a slow-ass iMac that could really use a big dose of ram and a vid card upgrade (yeah right...) but it was still more enjoyable than using the standard puck. *sigh* maybe this summer i'll finally be able to afford one! I just have to get a couple of things purchased first...dual LCDs for one...
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Journal Journal: Used Macs?

Does anybody know of any nicer-than-most places to get used apples from? I'd like to have a G4 iMac just as a toy more than anything, to broaden my horizons, get a more intimate feel for OSX, and add a mac to my ever growing stable. My next laptop purchase will be a powerbook, i have made that decision already, but that is also a long ways away before i will be able to drop that amount of money down the proverbial well. Is there a decent way to get started now on a shoestring budget? I.e. schools retiring machines / upgrading to G5s or something? I've looked around on ebay, but most of the systems i've saw on there are either outta my price range, too flawed, or too risky.

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