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Comment Re:There is no hope (Score 1) 607

See: any of the other dozens of shows that were canceled before storylines were established. SGU got two seasons, which was a season more than i expected, even though I really liked the show from the beginning. I was sick of the formulaic approach SG-1 and Atlantis took. They were great shows, it had just started to get repetitive. I was ecstatic to see a different, more serious take, a more grown up show, but people wanted more of the same drivel.

Networks want flash-in-the-pot, make-a-lot-of-money-with-no-budget shows. Sadly, scripted dramas in general have fallen by the wayside in favor of shit that will sell whatever they're hocking. I'm 2 series away from canceling my cable altogether and focusing on Netflix/DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

Comment There is no hope (Score 1) 607

There is no hope for SyFy. I was hoping another cable network might recognize the gold mine that is Stargate and other true Sci-Fi franchises and tempt them away from SyFy. When you put shows on a proper schedule, and don't air them randomly with nobody knowing WTF is going on, with huge hiatus breaks so you can sell half a season of DVDs for the price of a full season, you could develop loyal fan bases. Airing 10 episodes of SGU then killing it for 6 months then bringing it back and expecting people to care? Yeah, you can't do that. A month of hiatus for a new show is pushing it. you're trying to hook an audience, don't give them reason to forget you exist. When you get to Season 6 you can start taking huge breaks.

Comment Re:Classic California law enforcement... (Score 1) 1204

This is about Money, pure and simple; and not even Apple’s money. You stop doing hard core enforcement of the laws of the land, particularly the Trade Secret laws, and particularly in Silicon Valley, those businesses will wage war in retaliation by pulling their shit, doing minimal operations in your neck of the woods, potentially moving everything overseas, where they could potentially have a lot tougher laws, or a lot more leeway in enforcing their own internal rules. If you don’t think Apple would pull all operations out of Silicon Valley, and California, if they no longer had strong, prosecutable trade-secret laws, you’re on effing crack.

You can’t fight a drug war, a war on terror, provide healthcare, roads, schools, police, firemen, etc when you’re broke because you didn’t protect the interests of those creating the products, services, etc., that are generating tax revenue. Occasionally, when Corporations Talk and Governments Listen, its for legitimate purposes and not pocket-lining bullshit.

Comment Re:Why left? (Score 1) 641

You're assuming that everybody idles with their mouse on the right. I'm right handed and idle on the left. Why? Because I READ left-to-right. I view controls left-to-right. I read the MenuBar left to right. I look at a table left-to-right, top to bottom. When I look a window on a computer, I look left to right. When I cascade windows, I want them cascaded left to right, so that the upper left corner of every window is visible (and closable).

I have a wheel, a trackpad, and arrow keys to control my position in a window, other than as a visual indicator of my position in the Window, a Scrollbar serves little purpose.

Right-justified stuff pisses me off. If you read in one of the dozens of languages that runs right-to-left, i'm sure you'd feel the same way about left-justified.

Comment He's right to tell the guy to stick it... (Score 1) 641

If the dude doesn't like it, he can go devote hours upon hours to his own fork of Debian or better yet, he can run his own version of the ubuntu code. What about all the people who WANTED the buttons on the other side? Suddenly ONLY his opinion matters?

Open Source software is has to be a Republic. Ultimately somebody has to make decisions that influence the whole, or they get made by a small committee, not the entire user base at large. You can get "elected" to represent your peers by putting in time, work, and being damned good at it. THEN you can start influencing decisions and shaping the future. Standing on the sidelines bitching about the results just makes you look like a fucking idiot.

Comment Re:Oh for christ's sake... (Score 1) 806

It still doesn't change the fact that we dont' indite quentin tarantino for some of the outright freaky shit he comes up with and MAKES MOVIES ABOUT.

"Tatro told police that the posts were "just me venting," she said. "I got dumped, which is never a nice thing. I was bitter and really angry about it. For whatever reason, this professor took it personally."

Police are not filing charges and consider the matter closed, U spokesman Daniel Wolter said by e-mail."

If I had reason to believe I was the person she was wanting to stab, I may take other actions.

I'd also like to point out, that part of her duties, and in fact as part of her embalming therapy lesson, she probably WAS going to ahve to stab somebody (or something) with a trocar. The fact that said person or thing would probably already be dead should have some bearing on that... Maybe she enjoys her work and finds it therapeutic for her psyche (hey, it takes a special breed to work with dead people, you can't expect their needs or thought processes to be the same as anybody else).

Comment Oh for christ's sake... (Score 1) 806

How long before we arrive at the Minority Report state where what we THINK is enough to get us incriminated? Somebody said it above, we're either for freedom of speech, or we're not. Talking about something isn't the same as doing it. And all this "for every disaster prevented" stuff is bullshit.

I work in IT. If I got nailed to a wall everytime I said I wanted to injure kill somebody, be it outloud, on twitter, facebook, whatever, I'd be serving dozens if not hundreds of consecutive life sentences. Its part of my vernacular and my charming personality. I say "Fuck You" a lot too, that doesn't mean I actively want to go have intercourse with that person.

Fucking people need to lighten up. We have gotten so scared of our own fucking shadow is despicable. If the chick has a past history of mental illness or a criminal record, then yeah, they should give things a look. Apparently the threat wasn't very credible if they waited until she arrived at class to detain her. Newsflash, the police can find your ass, and its not like she was actively trying to evade them.

The profs in question overreacted, BADLY. The University doubly so, handing down a campus ban like that.

Comment Foxconn RS233 Barebones....nuff said... (Score 1) 697

Basically a netbook in a box, for about $170US (each) i built a pair of small linux servers to handle all my chores...1.6Ghz Atom Procs, 2GB of RAM, 500GB 5400RPM drives.

The only downside i've found thus far is no gigabit, but they have a single PCI slot if you really need it, gig-e cards are cheap.

I have 0 complaints thus far, one box has been running since July, another i just brought up last week. The temperature in my office dropped 5 by turning off the box I replaced, and I went from about 120-130W constant draw to about 60W.

Its not as good as a Mini as power consumption, but I have two machines, and still have less than even the low-end mini in them in up-front costs.

I have been working on lowering my power consumption for just over a year now, with a lot of success (reduced my power bill by 20-30%). I did a couple of somewhat lame writeups on my website about my server upgrades and the power consumption changes:


Submission + - CoRD 0.5 Released! (

peelman writes: After two years of development, we're very proud to announce CoRD 0.5. This update adds many new features, and fixes lots of bugs. It also improves compatibility with newer versions of Windows.

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows computers using the RDP protocol. It's easy to use, fast, and free for anyone to use or modify (under the GPL).


Apple Backs Off DMCA Threats Against Wiki 143

netbuzz writes "A wiki operator who was pressured by Apple's legal team into removing anonymous discussions about circumventing the company's music-playback software for iPods and iPhones says he is relieved that Apple has backed off and he'll be able to restore the disputed material. Apple dropped its claims of copyright and DMCA violation against BluWiki only under legal pressure of its own in the form of a lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation."
Data Storage

What NAS To Buy? 621

An anonymous reader writes "Currently, I'm running an old 4u Linux server for my private backup and storage needs. I could add new drives, but it's just way too bulky (and only IDE). For the sake of size and power efficiency I think about replacing it with a NAS solution, but cannot decide which one to get. The only requirements I have are capacity (>1.5TB) and RAID5. Samba/FTP/USB is enough. Since manufacturers always claim their system to be the best, I'd like to hear some suggestions from you Slashdot readers."

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