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Comment Re:Why did Novell not Linux-ify older Netwares? (Score 1) 111

One can always tell people who post comments about products they have no clue about.

Novell did "Linux-ify" their platform. It started with NetWare v5.0 back in 2000. OES on Linux was released in 2005. Where have you been for the past 5 years, by Zombie Ryushu?

NetWare v5.0 had a CLIB, Java VM and JVM-based XWindows GUI. It also supported CIFS. By NetWare v6.0, in 2003, they'd added a BASH shell, RPMs, ZLib and a lot more Linux components.

NetWare v3.x had been completely EOLed by 1999, and NetWare v4.x by 2003. Both were tied to IPX - it'd be insane to suggest it would have been worth the time and development effort to re-engineer them with Native IP (NCP over TCP/IP, which was introduced in NetWare v5.x) and the other *NIX-originated features they added to NetWare v5.x and v6.x.

As another poster has pointed out, OES ported the File and Print services traditionally associated with NetWare to a Linux platform. It's been out for years.


Submission + - Going to Yosemite? Get your passport ready! (cnn.com)

rev_media writes: The Real ID acts mandates all states to begin issuing federal IDs to all citizens by 2008. Costs could be as much at $14 billion, but only 40 million are currently allocated. Several states have passed legislation expressly forbidding participation in the program, while others seem to be all for it. The IDs will be required for access to all federal areas including flights, state parks and federal buildings. People in states refusing to comply will need to show passports even for domestic flights.

Submission + - Superefficient Solar Cell from Silicon Nanocrystal 1

chinmay7 writes: "Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), have shown that silicon nanocrystals can produce two or three electrons per photon of high-energy (blue and UV) sunlight. The small size of nanoscale crystals results in the conversion of this energy into electrons instead of heat. Solar cells made of silicon nanocrystals could theoretically reach more than 40% efficiency, compared to 20% efficiency of the best conventional silicon solar cells.
An article in the Tech Review goes into more detail."
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux Vs. Windows in default hardware support

dch writes: In my office I am known as the Linux zealot. A co-worker of mine came up with an idea to pit Linux against Windows. We decided that we would do clean installs of Windows and Linux on several boxes and see how much of the hardware works with out having to install extra drivers or any other software. As an exercise before we do anything I was wondering how many drivers does Windows XP come with vs Linux, with out installing anything else? I found www.linux-drivers.org, however I was wanting just a list of all hardware supported by Linux. And is there any site that will list want drivers come with Windows Xp?

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