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Comment Re:The Rosetta Stone (Score 1) 285

damn, am I fed-up with people pushing crap, either
the rote-learning-crap or
the "pimsleur don't work: because I haven't tried it but it's the same as all the others" crap.



at a level more-fundamental than having to think to engage it as a language,
then Pimsleur's the only way I know-of that GETS it:

It's based on the same mechanism that babies engage when learning language:
soundshapes & meaning, weaving 'em into one-another while learning 'em both, at-once.

Within a couple of lessons, if you accidentally hear some discussion in the language you're learning,
you'll experience the quite-surprising feeling of having your mind tracking it as a language
that is engaging your language-brain.

The difference is that quick-to-notice, and that-fundamental.

Rote-learning is for blockheadedness, and people who figure that doing some other route
( other than the one babies engage when learning language, our fundamental-est language-learning-circuit )
gets results faster, or at a more-automatic level, well, that's fine, but no adult *I*'ve ever heard-of learns as fast as a small child ( in language ),
and that particular circuit would seem to be difficult to beat. . .

Note that babies don't learn the basics of language by rote, or by anything-written, whatsoever.

Accept that the basic circuit is language, not written anything, and accepting that, dive-right-in, gaining the root dimension of it.
Or, go sabotage the swift progression into it to have a more-conventional progress that includes written stuff,
and try to ram that progress down to the fundamentallest-level, until you're functioning at an automatic-ish-level,
approximating the results you would have had by doing it the way nature wrote into your brain. . .

What idiocy. Get the "Instant Conversation" edition of Pimsleur for whatever language you care about
( that is the most-cost-effective edition they make -- about $50 US ),
and try it: if you NEED to function, and discover just how stunningly effective Pimsleur is, then go the whole-deal.

Playing-at learning language is for people who like playing-at it, and it must have its place, eh?

( the "playing-at" comment is only because the culture+pictures+context+etc play-games start at the second level of language, not at the first, and if you're trying to learn a language, beginning with step-two isn't the maximally-effective way of getting automatic-competence.
The Rosetta Stone isn't a brand I've tried, or maybe I have ( don't remember the name of the program it was, a friend who swore by it ), but the method misses the fundamental level's near-instinct-competence growing )

Cheers whichever choice you commit, and don't be surprised by the methods nature wrote into your brain being more effective than others, no matter how "nice" they are ( simply because nothing prepared me for how that having-my-language-brain track someone else's conversation felt, after only, 3 or so lessons ).

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