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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Wrist Watch for the Modern Tech Minded 1

NNUfergs writes: Sure my Smart Phone can deliver just about any piece of information I could want in under 30 Seconds, but I miss being able to just look at my wrist to get the time, date etc. I’ve been shopping around for a while and haven’t come across anything particularly inspiring. There are loads of various features that have been incorporated into watches but you usually only see a small specialized set in a given watch. Budget is always a concern but I am willing to invest in a quality time piece. In sort I’m not looking for a piece of jewelry, I’m looking for a gadget, for my wrist. Are there any neat, fun or just plain cool watches out there for techies? What do you have?

Submission + - Nvidia, Citrix Bringing Graphics Power to the Cloud (

MikeatWired writes: "The chip giant Nvidia has combined forces with Citrix to deliver graphics processing power from the cloud. The companies have teamed up to integrate Nvidia’s new virtual GPU technology with Citrix’s XenDesktop and XenServer hypervisor desktop virtualization offering to '[extend] GPU capability beyond power users like design engineers and radiologists to other workers in the organization who need access to large 3-D models but don’t require the power of a dedicated graphics card.' But the new virtual graphics power is not quite on-demand just yet. The 3-D-capable VGX cloud platform, which holds up to four Kepler GPUs with 16GB, will only be available as joint beta trials that are not expected until the end of the year. 'Scalability of this new technology looks very promising. While GPU sharing has been available for some time with XenApp HDX 3D, it has been limited to DirectX-based applications compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services (RDS), with scalability of no more than 10 or 12 users per high-end graphics card,' Citrix’s Derek Thorslund writes in a blog post. This new offering runs on standard Windows 7 virtual desktops and supports both DirectX- and OpenGL-based applications, he added."

Submission + - Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in crash of small plane (

NNUfergs writes: The chief executive and chairman of memory chip maker Micron died Friday morning when a small, experimental fixed-wing plane he was piloting crashed at Boise Airport, the company said. He was 51 years old. Micron spokesman Dan Francisco confirmed Steve Appleton's death, and trading in Micron Technology stock (MU) was halted.
Appleton, a professional stunt plane pilot and former motocross racer, was the only one in the plane when it crashed.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Anonymous Denies It Was Behind Sony Hack - Again (

RedEaredSlider writes: The hacker collective Anonymous has denied that it took part in the attack on Sony's systems, saying that the group or its members have not been known to steal credit card numbers.

A press release posted on Daily Kos, by Barret Brown, who claims extensive contacts with the collective, says, "Anonymous as never been known to have engaged in credit card theft." The release also says that the perpetrator could have left a 'calling card' to frame the group's members.

Sony was hit with a massive cyber attack on April 19, which resulted in the theft of details for nearly 100 million users of the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Online. Credit card details for millions of users were also taken. Sony has said that the attack displayed a high level of sophistication, and that it came right on the heels of a distributed denial of service attack that took Sony's PlayStation Network offline for a few hours.


Submission + - Funimation sues 1,337 BitTorrent users (

NNUfergs writes: The North American anime distributor Funimation filed a copyright infringement complaint against 1,337 "John Does" over the 481st episode of the One Piece television anime on Monday. According to the suit filed in the Northern District of Texas, the unidentified defendants "collectively participated, via the Internet, in the unlawful reproduction and distribution" of the episode "Ace Rescued! Whitebeard's Final Order!" via the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol. The suit lists defendants by their host IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and Internet service provider. The alleged incidents of copyright infringement took place between January 9 and January 12.

Submission + - What inventory/billing software do you use? 2

NNUfergs writes: I work for a university based A/V media and IT office. We are responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and replacing all campus computers (Labs, classrooms, offices, etc.). We manage an inventory of audio/video and recording equipment to serve campus functions as well as rent out to produce some revenue. We are also responsible for all the classroom tech. like projectors, smart boards, and wireless devices. Our computer inventory is currently logged in a very large and cumbersome Excel spreadsheet which is difficult to keep current and accurate. For our media and classroom equipment, we use an old Microsoft Access program to manage the inventory as well as function as a register for cash transactions and inter-departmental billing. Simply put, we have outgrown the particle ability to use these methods which require %100 manual data manipulation. I am on the hunt to find, ideally, a single software solution for all these problems. It would need to keep a detailed inventory of our computers and related hardware, and other classroom tech spread our across our campus. It would also need to manage our product sales and equipment rentals, including cash transactions and inter-departmental billing. This does seem like a tall order to me but I'm hopeful that my holy grail is out there. How do you maintain your equipment inventories? What solution(s) would you recommend?

Submission + - Beijing Air Quality Is 'Crazy Bad' (

digitaldc writes: Pollution in Beijing was so bad Friday the U.S. Embassy, which has been independently monitoring air quality, ran out of conventional adjectives to describe it, at one point saying it was "crazy bad."

The embassy later deleted the phrase, saying it was an "incorrect" description and it would revise the language to use when the air quality index goes above 500, its highest point and a level considered hazardous for all people by U.S. standards.

The hazardous haze has forced schools to stop outdoor exercises, and health experts asked residents, especially those with respiratory problems, the elderly and children, to stay indoors.

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