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Comment Re:Wierd (Score 1) 603

This is bad. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever done a Move in my life. If it's going to another device I copy it, then delete it myself.
Obviously there are situations where a move is much preferred, but I think most people would never encounter this bug.
I agree. But then again, we aren't "most people." Thankfully, IIRC (I know it's true in Windows) the default operation between volumes is always a copy (via "click and drag"), and you are forced to specifically request a move (cut-paste or holding down a modifier key). However, a lot of people I know use the "cut-paste" option so I could see this problem coming up a lot (if, of course, more people at work used Macs :)

Feed Baby Grand Master piano packs full-blown sound system (engadget.com)

Filed under: Portable Audio

We've seen overkill in just about every venue imaginable, but just in case owning a pearly white Baby Grand wasn't superfluous enough, Gardner Post has made sure that its rendition is undoubtedly over the top. This beauty forgoes the typical keys for a swank AV system, as users will be graced with dual Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Players, a trio of Marshal LCD monitors, and an Edirol V-4 video mixer -- and that's just the video front. As far as audio is concerning, you'll find a pair of Pioneer turntables, an Allen and Heath Xone 92 audio mixer, dual 15-inch subwoofers, an 18-incher to handle the low-lows, a 12-inch subwoofer strictly for bragging rights, three Bullet tweeters, and an AB 1,100-watt amplifier to provide the juice. Furthermore, these bad boys can be customized to the hilt for those willing to pay the price, as deep-pocketed customers can add hydraulic legs and lid, neon accents, personalized paint jobs, and fog / laser adornments. Unsurprisingly, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and maintain a serious line of credit before you'll get a price range on this thing, but if you've got to ask, you know it's out of reach. Click on for a few more shots.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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Submission + - Busting the MythBusters' Yawn Experiment

markmcb writes: "Most everyone knows and loves the MythBusters, two guys who attempt to set the story straight on so many things people just take for granted. Well, everyone except Brandon Hansen, who has offered them a taste of their own medicine as he busts the MythBusters' improper use of statistics in their experiment to show yawning is contagious. While the article maintains it is still possible yawns are contagious, the author makes it clear that he's not giving the MythBusters any credit for proving such a claim, 'not with a correlation coefficient of .045835.'"

Submission + - Google takes on MS, plans to launch own version of

Ayal.Rosenthal writes: "Google Inc. plans to launch software similar to Microsoft PowerPoint program as the two companies vie to dominate the online experience. The two companies already offer e-mail, word processing and spreadsheet programs, and other tools. Google will give away two versions of the presentation software starting this summer, and it will sell a "'Premier"' version with extra storage for $50 per year. http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/20070421/google-ch allenges-microsoft-with-own-version-of-powerpoint. htm"

Submission + - Theoretical Physics to be Turned on its Ear?

Bad Labrador writes: "Slashdot readers may remember an article and a powerpoint presentation delivered by Alexander Franklin Mayer last year entitled "The Many Directions of Time". In it, he postulates a slight modification to General Relativity, actually correcting an error Einstein apparently made. According to Mayer, correcting this error accounts for a large number of "anomalies" in observations, including a small but persistent error in GPS locations, the apparent acceleration and deacceleration of the Voyager spacecraft and so on. The blockbusting part is when the change is applied to cosmology — according to Mayer, the expanding universe, the Hubble constant and the "big Bang" theory are no more. They are artefacts of his discovery — gravitational transverse red shift. The Universe is not expanding. The book is freely available for download at http://afmayer.net/index.html Happy Slashdotting."

Submission + - PowerPoint for War Planning

Geodesy99 writes: "The U.S. Central Command's war plan for invading Iraq postulated in August 2002 that the U.S. would have only 5,000 troops left in Iraq as of December 2006, according to the Command's PowerPoint briefing slides,
http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB214/inde x.htm

Lt. Gen. McKiernan later told Washington Post reporter Thomas Ricks (Fiasco, p. 75):

"It's quite frustrating the way this works, but the way we do things nowadays is combatant commanders brief their products in PowerPoint up in Washington to OSD and Secretary of Defense... In lieu of an order, or a frag [fragmentary] order, or plan, you get a set of PowerPoint slides... [T]hat is frustrating, because nobody wants to plan against PowerPoint slides."

Retired Army Col. Andrew Bacevich told Ricks (Fiasco, pp. 75-76) that PowerPoint war planning was the ultimate insult:

"Here may be the clearest manifestation of OSD's [Office of Secretary of Defense] contempt for the accumulated wisdom of the military profession and of the assumption among forward thinkers that technology — above all information technology — has rendered obsolete the conventions traditionally governing the preparation and conduct of war. To imagine that PowerPoint slides can substitute for such means is really the height of recklessness.""

Submission + - How to create your own logo and favicon

miskandar_es writes: "I believe webmasters want to have their own logo and favicon for their own websites or blogs. Logo and favicon can make their websites or blogs look different and unique. Here are my tips how to create your own logo and favicon.

Creating Logo
You can use your MS-Excel to create your own logo. Just click Insert | Picture | Clip Arts and choose the suitable picture. Right click the picture and activate Show Picture Toolbar. You can modify the picture by this tool. Or you can make your own picture using AutoShapes | Lines | Curve. Then click Insert | Picture | WordArt to add some words to your modified picture. Then click Select Objects arrow, range those pictures, right click, choose Grouping and Group. Now you have a new single picture.

Then open your Paint program. Copy — paste your new picture into Paint. Resetting or adding colour to make up your picture. Then save as BMP file. The last step is open your BMP file using Adobe Photoshop CS. Resize it to get a smaller size, then save as JPG file. Now you have your own new logo.

Another way to have a logo is by scanning an interesting picture from your books or photos. Then resetting it as I mentioned above.

Creating Favicon
Now you are ready to make Favicons. Favicons are the little icons that show next to bookmarks and in the address bar of most browsers. Favicons are 16 pixels square. Upload a 16 x 16 pixel PNG and click 'Faviconify!' to create a favicon for your website. This favicon maker supports alpha transparency.

Please visit http://www.degraeve.com/favicon for further information.

To see my logo examples and favicon please visit my globalwarming logo.

All the best,


— About the Author: Miskandar Eko Sembodo (MES) is an IT Consultant for Business Solution Consulting firm. One of his websites about SEO techniques is www.mes-seomaster.com. He likes SEO contests like globalwarming awareness2007."

Camera Phones Read Hidden Messages in Print 126

pikine writes "As reported by BBC News, Fujitsu has developed a technology that encodes 12-bytes of information in a printed picture by skewing yellow hue, which is difficult to discern by human eye but fairly easy for camera phones to decode using software written in Java." The first target uses are promotional contests and competitions, not entirely unlike those game pieces that need to be viewed through a colored filter.

Submission + - Possible impact crater in Black Rock Desert

brianc writes: Ian Kluft, author of WebFetch and amateur rocketeer, has pulled together a compelling case supporting the discovery that "an elliptical-shaped impact crater approximately 30 miles (48 km) wide east-to-west and 40 miles (64 km) long north-to-south exists at the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada". Although additional field-based research is necessary, the Impact Field Studies Group believes there is enough evidence in Ian's findings to add the location to their Suspected Earth Impact Sites (SEIS) list. Besides the numerous high powered rocket launches that ultimately led to the discovery, Black Rock Desert is the home of the annual Burning Man Festival.

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