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Comment Security Vulnerabilities Discovered != Bad Thing (Score 1, Insightful) 266

I really can't help but see it as a great thing that the security errors were found. It totally vindicates the open source model as a means for peer review and enhancement, the developers will have learned some extremely valuable lessons, and the publicity will mean more eyes will be trained on the codebase in future.

Now, if the source was proprietary....

Comment Developers will save us (Score 1) 580

The big thing that will save OS X from the same lockdown as iOS is that developers need to use these machines to write the software. What self-respecting developer would ever commit to developing for a platform on a machine they could not install whatever tools they pleased on?

Comment Re:Pull the plug... (Score 1) 143

Oh please, that article is hardly a credible piece of journalism. It's an op-ed piece masquerading as a news story. It's full of baseless claims, inflammatory language, speculation and rhetoric. If you're trusting a site with articles written like that for your news, you can hardly be trusted to articulate an intelligent position on anything.

The Greens have their problems, but they're not going to run (or ruin) the country any time soon. The Greens are useful as a minor influence on the unilaterally right-wing homogeneity of the two major parties in Australia. Minorities in the Australian Senate would be a lot less trouble when they held the balance of power if the major parties weren't so "us against them" and could work to build real coalitions of consensus around policies and issues.

Unfortunately, I'm not actually sure of their position on internet filtering. They seem to be doing that fence-sitting thing they love to do instead of presenting a clear and obvious policy distinction in keeping with the principles they say they have. What makes it seem sillier is that the issue is a no-brainer! How could you possibly need to take a "wait-and-see" approach to an idea so fundamentally flawed in its conception and implementation?

Comment ReactOS is dead. Long live etc etc etc (Score 1) 387

This is a really interesting project. Wine is an incredible piece of software and if ARWINSS can increase the amount of collaboration between ReactOS and Wine and bring a driver-compatible NT replacement closer to reality then that's a great thing.

I would, however, hope that ARWINSS doesn't swallow up ReactOS whole because - while ReactOS is a fairly slow moving and cumbersome beast - it still has an extremely worthwhile goal. Even if it takes 5 years for ReactOS to reach functional beta stage, win32 software and obsolete hardware with win32 only drivers is still going to be out there. Why not use it if we can make it work?


Submission + - Nexus One Name Irks Philip K. Dick's Estate ( 3

RevWaldo writes: According to the Wall Street Journal , the estate of Philip K. Dick says the name of Google's new smartphone infringes on the famous character name from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" aka "Blade Runner". Isa Dick Hackett, a daughter of Mr. Dick, states Google has its "Android system, and now they are naming a phone 'Nexus One'. It's not lost on the people who are somewhat familiar with this novel... Our legal team is dealing head-on with this." No word on any similar actions being taken on Rob Zombie.

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