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Comment Re:Not the first time (Score 4, Informative) 328

From the bottom of the page:

A final note: I'm a bit annoyed that “Never10” is as large as it is at 85 kbyte. The digital signature increases the application's size by 4k, but the high-resolution and high-color icons Microsoft now requires takes up 56k! So without all that annoying overhead, the app would be a respectable 25k. And, yes, of course I wrote it in assembly language

Comment Re:I'll think about it (Score 1) 81

P50G25 owner here. Don't be surprised if it dies soon. My unit just popped its 2nd SC board and is sitting on the floor awaiting repair. Disassembly isn't too hard, but the board repair involves a ton of soldering (31 parts, some surface mount), so I sent it out to a re-builder (replacement boards are hard to come by).

LCDs still aren't on par with plasma viewing angles and black levels. OLED should hopefully be better.

Comment Re:Great work (Score 1) 141

The problem wasn't storage related.. ReactOS 0.3.17 uses the UniATA driver, which I confirmed working with my hardware under various versions of Windows NT. Both machines tested were in legacy mode, not AHCI. The setup program ran on one machine after I artificially limited the RAM to 256MB (Dell BIOS had the setting). After it completed the first stage install and rebooted...... nothing, just the initial boot loader ran and likely froze when the machine switched to protected mode. I'll give this latest release a shot, hopefully they fixed the problem.

Comment Re:Surprise: font doesn't work well when misused (Score 1) 182

It also didn't help that state agencies and contractors couldn't design a sign with Clearview properly, enough so that they created a FAQ with a gallery of what NOT to do. They didn't have to drive too far as Maryland was by far one of the biggest offenders: This decision to end the "intern approval" of Clearview has been coming for almost 2 years, so this isn't exactly news. It didn't seem to stop states from going wild with sign replacements though.

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