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Comment Re:3 monitors vs. apple cinema (Score 1) 757

I have a single 24" 1920x1200 (widescreen) flanked by a pair of 20" 1600x1200s. At the time I bought them all, they added up to the same price as a 30" Apple Cinema. It was a tough choice.

I run my application on the left screen, my editor (two files side-by-side) on the main screen, and a bunch of misc windows on the right screen (watches, stack, documentation, etc). I like it.

I think I may have made the wrong choice though. This setup is so wide that turning my head from one screen to another has become a usability issue. The aspect ratio of the whole system doesn't match the aspect ratio of my eyes, and I think that's less than ideal.

So, the next time I upgrade my display I will probably opt for one huge screen rather than multiple merely-large screens.

That said, I'm not really complaining... I really like the setup I have. I've been using multiple monitors since that meant an 80x25 monochrome display on an ISA MDA card, and in general I think they're great. Debugging on a single monitor has always been an annoyance in the past. But from where I sit, the grass looks just a little greener on the Apple Cinema side.

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