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Journal NFLFan's Journal: NFL 2006: Week 17

Well it is the last week of the regular season. I hate this week because the league as a whole is at its most unpredictable. Half the teams go home after this week. Some teams with a chance to stay around will fold and some teams that are already finished will show surprising fight. How long will the first team units play?

Not surprisingly, I have yet to figure out my win-loss record. Too busy with holiday stuff. I will have it done for next week. Speaking of the holidays, I hope 2007 serves everyone with health and happiness.

Saturday, Dec. 30
N.Y. Giants at Washington 8:00 pm
I like the Redskins. The implosion is almost complete.

Sunday, Dec. 31
Carolina at New Orleans 1:00 pm
I like the Saints. The Panthers are ready for the off-season.

Cleveland at Houston 1:00 pm
I like the Texans. Houston has finally started to make some strides.

Detroit at Dallas 1:00 pm
I like the Cowboys. Easy win in Big D?

Jacksonville at Kansas City 1:00 pm
I like the Chiefs. The Jags could use a win but I do not think they are up to it at Arrowhead.

New England at Tennessee 1:00 pm
I like the Titans. The Titans are on something of a roll and I think the Patriots are missing heart.

Oakland at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm
I like the Jets. This game means something for the Jets and they have the perfect beatable opponent.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 1:00 pm
I like the Steelers. The Steelers break the Bengals hearts once again.

Seattle at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm
I like the Seahawks. The 'Hawks need a win in the worse way.

St. Louis at Minnesota 1:00 pm
I like the Rams. I have an infamous soft spot for the Rams.

Arizona at San Diego 4:15 pm
I like the Chargers. No reason to pick the Cardinals.

Atlanta at Philadelphia 4:15 pm
I like the Eagles. Just cannot pick against the Eagles right now.

Buffalo at Baltimore 4:15 pm
I like the Ravens. The Ravens are rolling right now.

Miami at Indianapolis 4:15 pm
I like the Colts. The Colts need this win.

San Francisco at Denver 4:15 pm
I like the Broncos. Not an easy win but the Broncos prevail.

Green Bay at Chicago 8:15 pm
I like the Bears. If the Bears play Bears football then the Pack do not have a change. The only problem is that the Bears do not need to win this game.

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NFL 2006: Week 17

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