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Journal NCalGal's Journal: What would u do if you had 9 months left to live? 6

Two Days ago a friend of mine told me he has cancer and it has spread to his lymphnodes and he has 9 months to live. Three opinions later he still has only 9 months to live. So what would you do?
Clearly he is in shock. He is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, with a huge heart of gold. He is mad at God for good reason. He told me at this time he does not plan to quit his job. So last night I asked him let's say the doctor called and said "OOPS blew it, you really have another 40 years left, what would you do in those 40 years?". So he proceeds to tell me:
- Vacation in Camen Isl
- Vacation in South of France
- Go to a B&B in the Austria mountains
- Go back to Russia
- Get in better health, strait away
- and more along these lines.
So then I said, OK, now what is prohibiting you from doing these now. GO DO THEM. Live everyday like it's the last! Well he is still in shock. The good news, he has already done these things, except for maintaining his health.

So what would you do?

Here is what I would do (I think)?
- Go to the South of France and walk bravely topless
-Work 1 day a week, TOPS
-Spend SOOOOO much time with my sons
-Spend more time w/ my parents and siblings and neices and nephews
-Be with my lover often
-sing more
-learn to play the piano
-fresh flowers all over the house all the time
-go to mass,twice aweek
-laugh 10% everyday
-dance every other day
-go to more concerts n theater more
-take weekly nature hikes
-daily dog walks
-volunteer more

OK. So, other than the skydiving and topless South of France thing, piano playing and working part-time, I'm doing pretty well achieving these, simply need to do more of it!!!!!!!

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What would u do if you had 9 months left to live?

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  • Very smart question to ask your friend, that was.

    As for the general question to the journal-reading Slashdot audience, to be honest, I could swing one of a few ways, probably depending heavily on how the shock affected me.

    On one hand, I might go for the typical full-on pleasure burn out that everyone always described. There are a few places I'd make sure to visit, for one thing. Problem is, apart from that there aren't any particularly impressive or interesting things I'd do.

    Another would be a big burnout o

  • but other than the few twinges of uncertainty at what would come next I'd be telling myself, it couldn't possibly worse than the life I've had to date.

    ultimately though, the question is best put another way, and i know it's from a song but 'if tommorrow never comes...' basically, if you're going to live your life with regrets for what you could have done, then you're already on the wrong track.

    in the case of cancer, there are a number of diet related actions one can take, to try and give your body every ch

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